Essential CSS Recipes

Essential CSS Recipes

Gradient Borders Nowadays you may use gradients even in borders. It is rather easy to use, just want to set pseudo-elements with lower z-index: All illustration...
Web design and Development tools for you

Web Design and Development Tools For You

Web inventor  and developers love their job the most. These artists do not even need any on-job coaching but, considering today’s nature of work...
how much should website cost

How Much Should a Website Really Cost?

As a business owner, you’ve doubtless needed to build a website at some trace or another. The vast amount of benefit and prices when...
Apple in 40 years

Apple’s Last 40 years in Picture

40 years of Apple - in pictures From the first Apple computer, Steve Jobs leaving and returning, the iMac and the MacBook Air to the...
Best NoSQL database 2016 2017

Best NoSQL Databases 2018 – Most Popular among Programmers

What is NoSQL Database? NoSQL databases (additionally called Not Only SQL Databases) are non-relational database systems used for Storing and Retrieving data. These days NoSQL Databases...
10 Best Java IDEs for Programmers

10 Best Java IDEs for Programmers

We have compiled a list of 10 Best Java Ides for programmers that will help them with their code and reduce the workload by providing...
Record ScreenCast in Youtube

Record A Screencast With YouTube

If you're the group tech hold, you maybe have to record the random screencast to show people how to adjust. Chances are, you don't...
Which is your favorite programming style

Which is your favorite programming style?

What is Programming? Individual that composes instructions for computer systems to refer to when performing a given action. Programmers usually have an extensive background in...
Secret About Google Photos

Secret about Google Photos

You perhaps  know that Google Photos can backup Picture from your Android or iOS device and that you can access it from the web to see your library. You...
E-book for Programmers

Ebooks for Software Developers and Programmers

"As if a tool can function if it has no style. As if a device can be called stylish that do not function superbly......