Reuse Your Old Wi-Fi Router as a Network Switch

Just because your old Wi-Fi router has been regained by a newer model doesn’t mean it needs to come dust in the closet. How...

For Smart Programmers , Some Smart Site

Educational/Learning - video lectures on just about any subject - lectures by smart people - classroom lectures - expand your vocabulary while feeding the...
Best NoSQL database 2016 2017

Best NoSQL Databases 2017 – Most Popular among Programmers

What is NoSQL Database? NoSQL databases (additionally called as Not Only SQL Databases) are non-relational database systems used for Storing and Retrieving data. These days...
Run code without testing

Run code without testing

Run code without testing? :D Learn Testing for Software / Web Development: Testing is the process of exercising a program/ code with the specific intent of...
C Programming Language in Linux - Ubuntu

How to Write C Program in Ubuntu

Hello, programmer, we all know that Turbo C compiler is the old compiler, so we have started doing programming in Ubuntu. Linux was originally...

5 Types of Programmers

In my code journeys and programming adventures I’ve encountered many strange foes, and even stranger allies. I’ve identified at least five different kinds of...
HTML5 tags you might not Know

HTML5 tags you might not Know

A Quick Word on Interpretation While the W3C stipulation is great for visionary overviews, sometimes they lack practical examples, which prepare it challenging when inquiring for...