Most Popular Database Queries For an Interview

Most Popular Database Queries For an Interview

Hi Programmers, Do you want to apply at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple or any big MNC company? If yes, then must go through below...
Try these words in your next Email

Try these words in your next Email

Try these words in your next Email very noisy deafening very often frequently very old ancient very old-fashioned archaic very open transparent very painful excruciating very pale ashen very perfect flawless very poor destitute very powerful compelling very pretty beautiful very quick rapid very quiet hushed very rainy pouring very rich wealthy very sad sorrowful very scared petrified very...
Best NoSQL database 2016 2017

Best NoSQL Databases 2018 – Most Popular among Programmers

What is NoSQL Database? NoSQL databases (additionally called Not Only SQL Databases) are non-relational database systems used for Storing and Retrieving data. These days NoSQL Databases...

Computer Programmer Facts

You probably use computers and programs on a daily basis, but you might not be aware that the first "pre-computers" didn't even use electricity...
Which of the following is private IP address??

Mistakes You Make in Setting Up Wireless Network

Your router’s manual is your saver, at first glance you may find it not very useful but it’s definitely required for some configuration. Plug-and-play...

Create a Folder with No Name on Your iPhone or iPad

When running your Home screens on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve apparently noticed that it will give the particular name as default to your...

The Largest PC Maker In The World | Lenovo

Computer maker Lenovo Group was mainly founded in a dusty, two-room Beijing guardhouse in 1984. At Present, it’s the biggest PC maker in the...

Reuse Your Old Wi-Fi Router as a Network Switch

Just because your old Wi-Fi router has been regained by a newer model doesn’t mean it needs to come dust in the closet. How...