iPhone 6 Dropped from Space (60,000 feet) To Earth – Video

iPhone 6 dropped from space – You must have seen different ways to test smartphones, but this time UAG is doing it in completely...

First Look of Transparent Smart Phone

First Look of Transparent Smart Phone
Cicret Bracelet Reviewvideo

7 Things you never knew existed

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Microsoft Hollowvideo

Microsoft is Changing The Way We Design!

Microsoft is Changing The Way We DesignLook around technologies all around usUse it in every aspect of our lives that enables us to do...
iwatch-I am Programmer


iWatch New Technology

Cool Morning alarm

Cool Morning alarm
Sorry Apple - Engineer Fun

Sorry, Apple! iPhone 7 – The Rock x Siri

Best reply to Apple from Engineer: New Apple Video for iPhone7 LOLWatch the video at 2:20 Min. Now, Let's see it is really working the same...

Tech companies in October

Nexus 6P & 5X Impressions!