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jQuery Mistakes

jQuery Mistakes

Well, The public makes mistakes and the best part would be not to rerun them again. You should "Always make new mistakes" :). jQuery...
Web design and Development tools for you

Web Design and Development Tools For You

Web inventor  and developers love their job the most. These artists do not even need any on-job coaching but, considering today’s nature of work...
Native HTML5 Forms

Native HTML5 WordPress Forms

  Standard HTML5 markup to generating fully functional style for WordPress, using only HTML5 syntax, no GUIs and no short ends. Some of its features...
Java is no one programming language

Reasons Why Java is Still #1

It’s the start of 2018, that means that we’ve now accomplished the “20 Years of Java” celebrations. Indeed, although the notice about Java (and...
HTML5 Progress bar

HTML5 Progress bar

Today I fell in love with the HTML5 <progress> bar. With this element, I can act the progress of a task using HTML and...
Which is your favorite programming style

Which is your favorite programming style?

What is Programming? Individual that composes instructions for computer systems to refer to when performing a given action. Programmers usually have an extensive background in...
Equality Operator in JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript Equality Operator

You’re marvelling why that part of code inside an if block is being executed while you expected it to be glance right! Well, let’s...
Sorting - I'm Programmer

Sorting Algorithms Visualized

Let's know about different sorting algorithm:What is Sorting?Sorting is an algorithm that arranges the elements of a list in a certain order like descending... Material Design 2

jQuery Plugins with Google Material Design

Google’s material pattern  is becoming famous due to better customer experience, eye-catching animations and its modesty. In this post, find a compiled list of...

Architect & Interior Website Design HTML Templates

Architecture and interior designing is an art and related every art it commitment to be showcased. If you are an artist who wants to...