jQuery Mobile Slider plugins

Beautiful jQuery mobile/ responsive slider plugins. We all know that mobile site or a active site has come a must have point and how great...
jQuery History Example

jQuery History Example

The goal of this example is to show you how to use illustration he jQuery for allowing the browser history. Sometimes the web site’s...

Why Use Typescript?

Why use TypeScript instead of just using JavaScript? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pZ-5gE9-bs In enduring with my recent trend of using TypeScript, I desired to illustrate how to create functions...
ES6 and JS

ES6 JavaScript Train

Understanding the new language appearance, and how they can be used, will help you agree to decide whether to adopt ES6 or stay in...
JavaScript Developers really need frameworks

JavaScript Developers really need frameworks

Introduction We all know that the figure and variety of JavaScript frameworks can be amazing at the best of times and it’s amazingly difficult to...
Different coding style

Why? What code should you Learn in this Year ?

Apple Founder Steve Jobs once said in an interview: “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it...
Front- end Tools for Software Development

Front-End Tools for Software Development

Front-end software evolution is a dynamic, fast-changing craft. Blink and you potency just miss the next impressive tool development. No wonder it has been...

JavaScript Native App

Neft Open Source framework made for server-browser-native applications, is easy-to-use, fast and feature-focused, made for building truly native iOS and Android apps, HTML5/WebGL websites and...


The "Why" Currently the best option today to do this job is Masonry, but it's very heavy and have a dependency of jQuery. Please understand:...
A Broken Frame

Software Versions are Broken

I’ll admit it. Like almost everybody in the Node community, I’m in the habit of abusing npm’s save feature: The problem is, it uses a...