Linux commands cheat sheet

Linux commands cheat sheet

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11 Linux Terminal Commands That Will Rock Your World

11 Linux Terminal Commands That Will Rock Your World

1.  Useful Linux Terminal Commands Line Keyboard Shortcuts   The following keyboard shortcuts are incredibly useful and will save you loads of time: CTRL + U...

4 Tricks to speed Up Ubuntu 14.X

Speeding up your Ubuntu is fun! That way, you'll get more performance out of your computer for free -4 Tricks to speed Up Ubuntu...

Boost Up Your Ubuntu With 9 Different Ways

Making your Ubuntu run faster on a slow computer is more exciting by different tricks and methods. But some of the tricks are safe...
linux file system

Linux Directory Structure

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Linux IO stack diagram

Linux IO stack diagram Similar Stuff:  Linux commands cheat sheet Updated Stack Diagram: Linux IO stack diagram Downloads Diagram for Linux Kernel 4.0 Linux Storage Stack Diagram v4.0 (for...
Ubuntu vs Windows

5 ways Ubuntu is better than Windows

Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 10 with the announcements that there are some great new additions to the operating system. And the fact is...
Vim Cheat Sheet - I'm Programmer

Vim Cheat Sheet

Vim Cheat Sheet Print this smile emoticon Vim cheat sheet for new users/sysadmins/devops #Sysadmin #Devops #Unix #Linux #OSX #BSD 
Linux performance analysis and tools

Linux performance analysis and tools

The talk is about Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: specifically, observability tools and the methodologies to use them. Brendan gave a quick tour of...
Basic Linux Commands - I am Programmer

Basic Linux Commands

(A) File Handling • mkdir – make directories Usage: mkdir DIRECTORY... eg. mkdir improgrammer • ls – list directory contents Usage: ls ... ... eg. ls, ls l, ls improgrammer •...