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Weekend resources for new Kotlin programmers

Six years ago, JetBrains enter on a project to build a new set up language named Kotlin after an island near St. Petersburg, Russia, where one of...
programmer facts

Facts about Programmers

Computer programmers are quick  than normal people in the style of computers and code, but honestly, some of them are well crazy. The programmer is...
Html5 Detection techniques

Detection Techniques For HTML5 Features

Check Browser Support With disclosure Techniques For HTML5 Features. Any website is made with a common goal in mind: to cause it work according...

Why Use Typescript?

Why use TypeScript instead of just using JavaScript? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pZ-5gE9-bs In enduring with my recent trend of using TypeScript, I desired to illustrate how to create functions...
Most popular programming languages 2017

Most Popular Programming Languages 2017

Most Popular Programming Language in the world 2017 That Will Get You Hired Hello, programmers, It is always important to update self and learn new...
Greatest programmers in the world 2016

Greatest programmers in the world 2017

It is not an easy task to be as a normal Programmer. While we are talking the greatest Programmer in the world about 2017. If you...
ES6 and JS

ES6 JavaScript Train

Understanding the new language appearance, and how they can be used, will help you agree to decide whether to adopt ES6 or stay in...
JavaScript Developers really need frameworks

JavaScript Developers really need frameworks

Introduction We all know that the figure and variety of JavaScript frameworks can be amazing at the best of times and it’s amazingly difficult to...
Secure Website from Hackers

Secure Website from Hackers

Secure Website from Hackers Recent years have noticed an integration of new technologies and ready-made fabric works in the web development process. Complex and deeply...
Different coding style

Why? What code should you Learn in this Year ?

Apple Founder Steve Jobs once said in an interview: “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it...