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W3C & Intel HTML5 Introductory Course Offering

The W3Cx MOOC training is a W3C action  that started in June 2015. In just over six months, nearly 200K people registered in our...
HTML5 specifications from a lot of the media agencies are still not locked down

Best Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Templates

HTML5 CSS3 templates are available all over internet. Today, we are going to share 30 Best Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Templates that are popular...
Turn your Website into a Fully Dynamic, Full Page, Column Based Navigation

Turn your Website into a Fully Dynamic, Full Page, Column Based Navigation

As web developer you must know how to convert your website into fully dynamic web page. Let's start with our tutorial. Handle with a column...
AngularJS: From Zero to Hero

The pros and cons of AngularJS

AngularJS should be with your top attention when choosing the right JS framework. However, in order to make the options process fair, it is...
Lambda - Java Programming Humor

Using Java 8 Lambdas, Streams, and Aggregates

Overview In this article, we’ll catch a look at filtering and employee objects in a Collection using Java 8 lambdas, streams, and aggregates.  All code...
In case of fire git commands

Git Commands and Best Practices Cheat Sheet

Given the success of both our Java 8 Best Practices Cheat Sheet and our Java 8 Streams Cheat Sheet, it looks like cheat sheets...
Kotlin Programming Logo

Weekend resources for new Kotlin programmers

Six years ago, JetBrains enter on a project to build a new set up language named Kotlin after an island near St. Petersburg, Russia, where one of...
Greatest programmers in the world 2016

Greatest programmers in the world 2017

Coding is not an easy task to be as a normal programmer. But, If you try hard and keep a specific goal in your mind, then...

Interesting Facts About PHP

10 Interesting Facts about PHP Programming Language What stands for PHP? - Personal Home Page. PHP which is now officially known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’ and...
programmer facts

Facts about Programmers

Computer programmers are quick  than normal people in the style of computers and code, but honestly, some of them are well crazy. The programmer is...