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    12 Must Have HTML5 Text Editors

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    Applications are now affecting the life of individuals very steadily and evolving around the world progressively. Experts are using the various tools or techniques for building varieties of applications which promises to you to get your work to complete in an easy way. In the market, numerous tools or software available through which you can make the applications with a good interface and even there is no need to know coding or does not require programming skills. A common man just needs to use it properly for creating an application.

    Among the mob of varieties of tools, HTML 5 has created their own place and also has changed the development phase completely. It is very simple, powerful, comfortable development interface along with more advanced features. These editors come with premium version and you can also download from various sites at free of cost. If you intend to use its certain advanced features then you need to have to pay a certain amount on it.

    HTML 5 is source code editor which allows editing the code and assists you in creating various types of websites or applications. It comes with a myriad of functionalities and features that made the development phase very easy and comfortable. During the creation of any application, you can also preview at each step to see errors if occurs.

    We are presenting various HTML5 editors that have varieties of features and functionality. For your knowledge, we are providing the descriptions as well as their features in few lines. Here is the catalog of few HTML5 Text Editors given below:

    12 Must Have HTML5 Text Editors:


    It is inspired from Popclip and the rich text toolbar. Some of the features which the popline supports are such as Facebook message, pin an image in Pinterest, view mode etc.


    It is an HTML5 text editor. It is lightweight, flexible or offers you powerful normalization of cross-platform. It does not support previous browsers and perform great with certain browsers such as Safari 4, Chrome 9, and IE8 etc.


    It is based on HTML 5 technology and is an open source text editor. It produces valid HTML 5 markup tags as well as an inline style. It is lightweight, fast and also uses class names as well.


    It is full featured HTML 5 text editor and supports all HTML 5 element syntax and Javascript. It supports certain features like Simple Markdown, Snippet, HTML, Preview features, Videos, Images etc.


    It is an online HTML 5 text editor that offers you the facilities to preview your current work. It transforms your current work into CSS. It supports SASS and HAML. It is built with CoffeScript and Sinatra.

    Bootstrap WYSIWYG:

    It is rich text editor originally built for MindMup and also based on browser execCommand. A Certain feature that makes it unique are Support Image Upload, Mobile Devices, Drag and drop files and so forth.

    Aloha Editor:

    It is rich text as well as browser-based framework written in JavaScript. In general, it may be embedded with CMS and other frameworks. It is basically used for faster processing editing.


    It is WYSIWYG content editor utilized for World Wide Web. It is a robust, modern and intuitive application which provides the user simple user interface and may edit the web pages with ease.


    It is a simple text editor that supports TeX and Markdown. You can preview the each paragraph and may switch between editing as well as viewing mode of the system. It also supports all the advanced features of the system.


    It is open source javascript editor. It is user-friendly, easy to integrate and customize the things. It is basically designed for inline editing and multi-block layouts. It uses all the advanced technologies.


    It is a simple text editor. It is the result of a set of tutorials or works carried out by programmers.

    Line Control:

    It assists you to add beautiful, fast online and responsive text editor to web applications. It basically works with Jquery and Twitter account.

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