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    Addictive Games for Android

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    What makes prediction games addictive? They incline to be games that you can play quickly with easy controls but it’s still surprisingly difficult to get a high score. We’ve seen a slew of great addictive games over the years and they ever seem to come out of nowhere

    Let’s take a look at the biggest addictive games for Android right now. Of course, a lot of this is purely illusory so if your favorite addictive game isn’t on this list, tell us about it in the comments!


    QuizUp is a free query game where you face across other people in a live query to see who knows the most. Each question you get a score based on being right and how fast you were able to answer the question. There are a ton of class and the online composing always worked really well for us. You can also add friends and challenge them whenever you want. It’s entirely free with no in-app purchases. If this isn’t your cup of tea, we’ve also heard good stuff about Trivia Crack.

    Plants vs Zombies 2

    Plants vs Zombies is one of the most observable names in all of the mobile games. In this tower defense game, you must build flowers which then use their superpowers to fend off herds of zombies. The gameplay is easy enough for basically everyone to learn but defeat every level takes a lot of effort and the game does a great job of making you want to put in that effort. Add infrequent content updates from the planner and you have a game that’s hard to put down for a long, long time. burst onto the scene in 2015 and became one of the most popular games in the world. Why? We’re not entirely sure but you’ll spend hours wasting time in this game before you realize that all you’re doing is soaring around a piece of chart paper trying to swallow other players. As a player, your job is to play as a circle as you try to eat other players and become larger while avoid being eaten yourself. There are all kinds of Easter eggs to get special sphere and it’s an easy way to lose an entire afternoon before you realize it.

    Piano Tiles 2

    Piano Tiles 2 is the series to the hit game Don’t Tap the White Tiles which spent most of 2015 at the top of various charts. This title is an awfully simple rhythm game where you must only tap on the black piano tiles. You keep going until the song is over or until you mess up and then you must start over and play again. Thanks to its low point of access and quick gameplay mechanic, it’s a game you can play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. The prime is yours.

    PAC-MAN 256

    PAC-MAN 256 is a hybrid game that networks the challenge of Pacman with an untold runner concept so you never have to stop caper. You play as Pacman as you deal with your usual problems like ghosts other than you must keep going forward or a glitch in the system will eat you alive. You’ll also have powers that you can work with to make things a little easier for you. It also comes with hidden Easter eggs and controller support so you can play it on Android TV.

    Shooty Skies

    Shooty Skies is a shooter known as a “bullet hell” style of game. You play as a pilot as you fly regularly while you must avoid a ton of bad guys firing a ton of bullets at you. The controls are easy suitable to use and the game is cute fun until it starts to get hard. It may get a groan or two from those who play more serious titles in this genre, but random gamers the world over just can’t seem to put it own.

    Crossy Road

    Crossy Road is this generation’s flogger. You play as a pixelated chicken as you try to crusty the road, river, or whatever else gets in your way. The game is done up in charming 8-bit style pictures but still manages to look really good. The game also comes with Google Play Games services, cloud saving, and achievements along with Android TV support. It’s a ton of fun, it never ends, and there are a ton of style that you can unlock.

    Smash Hit

    Smash Hit is an infinite runner where you must throw balls at hurdle to destroy them before they can damage you. Your ammo count is also your life count which adds a scant bit of strategy into the game and late updates have also added a local multiple modes. If you fork out for the pro version, you can also save your progress to play at a later time. It’s an attractively done game that keeps making you want to try just one more.

    Sky Force

    Sky Force is another “bullet hell” shooter except this one is a little bit more difficult for those who enjoy shooters on a more serious level. You play as a ship fighter who must traverse different levels, defeat bad guys, dodge bullets, and make it to the end. You can upgrade your ship and Sky Force includes Google Play Game services that include cloud saves, leaderboards, and achievements. It was one of the best games of 2014 and it’ll have you revel levels over and over until you get your score just right.

    Subway Surfers

    Subway Surfers is a traditional infinite runner where you play as a boy going to the subway to avoid getting in a struggle with the subway inspector. You’ll have to dance back and forth between a path and even jump around on top of trains to avoid securing taken out or caught. You’ll get all kinds of fun toys plus a hoverboard, a jet pack, and more. It’s simple as far as a game goes, but it’s difficult and fast-paced enough to keep you glued to your screen for hours.

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