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    Angular.js: Hottest JavaScript Framework

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    JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, typeless and explained programming language. It is between the top 3 pillars of the World Wide Web contact along HTML and CSS. It is a utility by a majority of websites worldwide and is backed by all current day web gateway without plug-ins.

    JavaScript uses the Model View Controller (MVC) framework on the buyer side. Various specific and clean application frameworks were spawned amongst which the dominant ones are Angular.js, Backbone.js, and Ember.js.

    All the frameworks are open-sourced, free under the open-minded MIT license, and endear to solve the complication of organized Single Page Web function using the MV* picture pattern. They all have the theory of views, events, data models and repulse.



    • JavaScript is already well-established automation known for translation hot digital properties.
    • The aggressive client-side programming language is clubbed with HTML and CSS to extend and advance web performance.
    • No wonder that a number of web development frameworks based on JavaScript continue to power an ever-increasing number of websites and web applications.
    • AngularJS is one of these frameworks and popular among the developers of rich cyberspace applications.
    • Angular JS is an open source framework built over JavaScript. It was built by the developers at Google. This framework was used to overcome the obstacles encountered while working with Single Page applications.
    • AngularJS was born in 2009 as a component of a more immensely colossal commercial product, called GetAngular.
    • Large organizations like PayPal, Freelancer, LinkedIn, Lego, Hopscotch and several others are powering their UIs by AngularJS.
    • Angular makes it easier to work with dynamic rendering with its JSON based processing and rendering capabilities.
    • Angular has been developed with the vision of making it modular, testable and maintainable.
    • The latest version of Angular JS  is 1.7.8

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    Features of AngularJS

    AngularJS was born in 2009 as a part of a larger profitable product, called GetAngular. AngularJS was spawned by reducing the 17,000 lines of code to 1,000 lines of cipher within just 3 weeks. It was so lively that even Google determined to backed the project. Amongst AngularJS unique and creative features are two-way data bindings, dependency injection, easy-to-test code and reaching the HTML dialect by using directives.

    The community is the prime factor to deal with while selecting a framework. A huge community means more query answered, more third-party modules, more YouTube tutorials. As on 30th June 2015, AngularJS is the clear champ here, being the 3rd most-starred task on GitHub and having more inquiry on StackOverflow than Ember and Backbone combined.

    Page load times are a necessary factor to crucial a website’s success. Users are not quite patient and so the speed must be fast. You must grant Framework size and the time to bootstrap.

    AngularJS Advantage:

    • Two-way data binding -AngularJS facilitates faster and easier data binding which doesn’t require a developer to intervene at all.
    • DOM manipulation -the developer saves time and efforts to code, translate and update the DOM elements.
    • Improved server performance -it only serves static files and responds to the API calls.
    • Responsive web – AngularJS makes it possible by letting responsive, fast-loading and seamlessly -navigating websites and apps.
    • Use of directives -AngularJS makes use of directives that keep the scripts and HTML pages mess-free and extremely organized.
    • AngularJS has imported a number of innovative concepts such as the two-way data binding save a lot of ordinary code. Now, you never have to compose this code yourself. Rather, you just claim the bindings in your HTML template.

    AngularJS Disadvantage:

    • Programmers also have a complication to grasp Prototypal Inheritance in AngularJS, which is a new concept to grasp for the crowd coming from Object Oriented languages such as Java and C#.
    • The scopes-Largely layered and arranged hierarchically, scopes can be complicated entities to handle if it is your first involvement with Angular. One of the most difficult tasks could be debugging the scopes.
    • A number of times, mistakes such as midpoint a directive name or calling an undefined scope function are silently ignored and can be crucial to locating.
    • For pages with a lot of interactive elements, AngularJS becomes really slow. One should not have more than 2000 active conclusive on the same page.


    AngularJS is definitely the most popular with the largest number of community members. Also, it has the highest number of StackOverflow query.

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