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    ANSI C

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    C is one of the most popular computer programming Language. There are so many reasons for that are it is a high level, structured, machine independent language. In this article, we are talking about ANSI C. ANSI C is a common name for the C programming language standard. ANSI stands for the American National Standard Institute. In 1989 the American National Standard Institute defined standards about the C language so, it was known as ANSI C. Let’s start with the history of C.

    History of C

    • C was evolved from ALGOL, BCPL, and B. C was developed at Bell Laboratories, the USA, in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie, and many of the principles and ideas that he incorporated into the language were taken from earlier programming language B and B’s ancestors BCPL and CPL.


    • K & RC-Language – In1978 modify version of C language was introduced known as K & RC-Language.
    • In 1983, ANSI commissioned a committee, X3J11, to standardize the C language. This task fell under the responsibility of the Accredited Standards Committee X3 (ASC X3), Information Technology, and resulted in ANSI X3.
    • ANSI C – In December 1989 the American National Standard Institute defined standards about the C language and this committee approved a version of C, that is known as ANSI C. Then it was approved by the ISO( International Standard Organization) in 1990. This version of C is also known as C89.
    • C-99 – In 1990 International Standard Organization also accepted C language as a standard programming language so it was also known as C-99.
    • ANSI-accredited standards developing organization devoted to information and communication technology. At this time, the standard specified in the ANSI X3.159-1989 document became known as ANSI C, but it was soon superseded as it was adopted as an international standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1990, under the work of ISO/IEC JTC 1.
    • C18” is the current standard for the C programming language.
    • C Evolution: ALGO->BCPL->B->Tradition C-> K&R C-> ANSI C-> ANSI/ISO C-> C99.

    The names ANSI C and ISO C are never explicitly mentioned in the standard document, their occasional usage reflects the significance of the hard work carried out by the standards community over the past thirty years in unifying this programming language.

    Difference between ANSI C and C

    ANSI C C
    The American National Standard Institute defined standards about the C language that is known as ANSI C. C was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs. It has a free-format program source code. C is a general-purpose programming language.
    ANSI C allows the inclusion of a function prototype which gives the type of the function and the type of each parameter before defining the function. Function prototypes must be declared without a list of arguments and types, and consist of the type, function name and an empty set of parentheses.
    Type void is available. Type void is not available.
    The signed type qualifier is available. The signed type qualifier is not available.
    Automatic arrays can be initialized. Only external and static arrays can be initialized.
    An enumeration type is available. An enumeration type is not available.
    The unary positive sign is allowed. The unary positive sign is not allowed.

    In today’s world, there are so many programming languages are used but, C is a very popular programming language. C is widely used in operating systems, language compilers, network drivers, memory management, language interpreters, and system utilities areas of development.

    The C language is very important. Do you know why? There are a few reasons to consider learning C is that it makes your fundamentals very strong or in other words, we can say that C is the mother of all languages. If you learn C then it becomes easy to learn any other language.

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