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    We started this site to inspire young minds to motivate and encourage them towards Programming Language. In this site you will get programming tutorials, tech, programming facts, programming fun and programming blogs.

    In the last post, I have already shown you any useful website to learn coding online, which is a popular post one. Yes, I know you are looking any resource to improve and learn more to improve your coding knowledge. In this post, I wanna sharing with most popular site list which increases your coding skill quickly.

    Top 5 website you should know to improve your coding career

    • CodeCombate
    • Code.org
    • try.jquery.com
    • tryhaskell.org
    • learn-c.org
    • hakerrank.com
    • hakerearth.com


    It is known as a favorite and awesome website to learn code by just playing the games. When Learn to code sometime might feel sleepy because it looks so complicated and messy.

    Oh, you have tried any trick to motivate yourself to spend the time to learn the code without sleep, so let try with code combat you play to learn. It has any gameplay that shows you on the left-hand side of the website as an example of your coding and just Playing this game mean you are now practicing the coding which appears the result in front of you. Let start by Join CodeCombat now by visiting codecombat.com


    Learning Step by Step with a massive example, it might be enough to encourage you to learn to code every day with code.org, especially for the young people. Young People are great and Smart nowadays includes you and it’s time to start your coding career with this site. It is mad to help your guy easy to learn and turn you to be a developer quickly.

    Visit this site: code.org


    You might be a front-end developer, so it’s awesome to try this site. Jquery is a popular javascript library which helps you guys to write short of javascript code, but a lot of things and I know you guy want to family with Jquery that why I decide to share this site with you.

    Try to learn now if you a beginner of jquery: try.jquery.com

    try Haskell

    If you become favorites with Haskell programming I think this site should be a good one for you because every step you need to type is covered by example and explanation to guy you. You type the code on the left-hand side with the right-hand side of explanation and example, so master your Haskell skill now with  tryhaskell.org.


    Here is the last one of the top 5 websites which a great resource to learn c-programming. C programming has been long time release and still popular nowadays. It is the first programming language that you have to learn first before you try other programming languages. So let get started with C programming with www.learn-c.org.

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