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    Best IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for Node.js

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    Node.js is a runtime environment for developing server-side and network applications in JavaScript. These days, Node.js application development is gaining momentum and it is used by a vast community of developers and programmers. Here are 10 Best IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for Node.js.

    IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a gizmo that helps you in creating applications with a simple interface with prior knowledge of code. It has also an editor to edit the code. Convinced IDEs is helpful to specific languages with certain features. Some examples of advanced IDE are Xojo, Netbeans, Eclipse, Codeenvy, etc.

    Through this article, we are aiming to provide you with the best available online tool that assists you in progress applications.

    These tools are best which are loaded with more advanced features as well as tools or techniques. So without waiting, please go ahead and have a look at these online tools.

    1. Cloud 9


    It is a free or cloud-based IDE for produce applications with technologies such as PHP, C++, and Node.js, etc. if you intend to use it, you need to register and for its premium characteristics you need to pay some extra amount.


    • Fully-featured Editor
    • Integrated Debugger
    • Broad Selection of Run Configurations
    • Integrated Tools for Serverless Development
    • Built-in Terminal

    2. IntelliJ IDEA


    It is an IDE for initiating a web application using creating applications along with new area such as Javascript, Angular.js, and HTML5etc. It suggests a framework for creating a function with more excellent features for application servers.


    • Version Control: Easy to migrate to Git
    • Maven Project inbuilt functionality
    • Data flow analysis
    • Inline debugger
    • Java9 supported
    • Smart code completion
    • Framework-based assistance
    • Productivity booster

    3. WebStorm


    It is javascript IDE. It actions you the whole best tool which required you a new way of creating web pages. It also helps Compass that provides new knowledge for users.


    • Intelligent coding assistance
    • Powerful built-in tools for debugging, testing and tracing your client-side and Node.js applications
    • Seamless tool integration
    • Highly customizable

    4. Komodo


    It is a total set of the tool with all dominant languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS etc. It allows for advanced features with the built-in browser. It also supports multi-cursor which allows you to do editing at once.


    • Code Intelligence
    • Powerful editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, code refactoring and more.
    • Debugging and Unit Testing
    • Version Control
    • Extensibility
    • Workflow Management
    • Enterprise-Grade Support

    5. Sublime Text


    It is an IDE and code editor for Node.js. You might employ file faster or use choice to rename variables. Also, you may use shortcuts to jump lines, words or characters. It’s also loaded with most progressive features.


    • Customizable with simple JSON files
    • Cross-platform
    • Command palette
    • Instant project switch
    • Powerful API and package ecosystem
    • Multiple selections
    • Split editing

    6. Brackets


    It is erected by Abode and is an open source editor created by the technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is very easy to use. You can also preview your changes.


    • Inline Editors
    • Live Preview
    • Preprocessor Support

    7. Atom


    It is a desktop function which is used to generate apps and also integrated with technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Node.js. It comes with four pre-installed features of the UI and also has syntax theme.


    • File system browser
    • Multiple panes
    • Find and replace
    • Cross-platform editing
    • Built-in package manager
    • Smart autocompletion

    8. Eclipse


    It is the most beloved IDE with the most alive community and plug-in features. It is an open source editor with latest features installed, such as error checking, code refactoring, help window and enough more.


    • Git integration for Eclipse
    • Eclipse Java Development Tools
    • Maven Integration for Eclipse
    • Mylyn Task List
    • Code Recommenders Tools for Java Developers
    • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

    9. Koding


    It is cloud-based or open source IDE for growing applications. It offers a variety of features such as auto-indenting, code preview, syntax highlighting, workspace, code folding and so forth.


    • Embrace infrastructure as code
    • Code comfortably in the cloud
    • You don’t need to change your workflow
    • Seamless support for your favorite cloud providers
    • Seamless and powerful environment

    Using this article you can find best Node.js IDE .Node.js is used for building database-driven, modern websites as well as applications and application programming interfaces (APIs).

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