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    Best Ways To Learn Java Online

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    We started this site to inspire young minds to motivate and encourage them towards Programming Language. In this site you will get programming tutorials, tech, programming facts, programming fun and programming blogs.

    Java is a popular language among those who consider making a career in programming, despite it’s not the easiest language for a starter. But if you think about the prospects of knowing a certain language, Java is surely the value bet. Let’s start How we can learn Java online with most popular sites.

    It is a first-choice programming language for numerous cutting edge projects in different fields. For example, it is widely used in mobile & desktop software developments, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, space technologies, etc. You probably deal with Java every day.

    Java gives great opportunities for a developer. It is a cross-platform object-oriented language, that allows creating a program, which can be deployed on any device. It is a secure language, that constantly evolves and stays among the market leaders for many years already.

    Are you thinking about learning Java from scratch? Then make sure you do it the right way. To reach a Java Junior level you’ll need at least 3 to 6 months of studying with a great share of practice. You should use every single opportunity to learn on the go and code every day. Luckily, with dozens of online courses, those demands are easy to meet.

    This short selection includes the sources with a different approach to learning to code in Java.

    1. A gamified course with tons of practice

    Codegym - Learn Online Java
    Codegym – Learn Online Java

    CodeGym is a course with gamification elements, that help users to stay motivated, such as a futuristic story plot, characters, perks for solving tasks. The learning process is divided into four quests and levels, that cover Java Core. Each quest has 10 levels and each level consists of 10 to 13 short lectures plus the tasks.
    The main feature of the course is that the user starts to code from the first lessons and can see the results immediately thanks to the instant verification option in the task plugin. There are more than 1200 tasks of different complexity in the course. By solving all the assignments, the user gains up to 300-500 hours of real coding practice.

    2. Codecademy. A smooth introduction to coding

    Codecademy Learn Online Java
    Codecademy Learn Online Java

    Codecademy Learn Online Java

    Codecademy is one of the best-known sources for learning Java programming. The course covers a range of topics, such as Java variables and data types, object-oriented Java, conditionals, and control flow. It also allows a student to code from the beginning and offers useful hints if one gets stuck on the task.

    The assignments gradually become more complicated, until you start to write your code from scratch and complete different projects, including creating the calculator.

    Codecademy can be used as a great complementary tool in practicing Java. Though it lacks theory, the FAQ section is pretty useful for learners.

    You can check out our Java online compiler list to run code online.

    3. Oracle Java Tutorials. A well-ordered guideline about programming in Java

    Oracle Learn Online Java
    Oracle Learn Online Java

    Oracle Learn Online Java

    Oracle Java Tutorials is a software development giant has its own free online course for Java learners. It gives a profound understanding of Java basics and a range of practical tasks. For example, how to create graphical user interfaces or work with custom networking and JavaBeans. It’s good for solo learners, that prefer step-by-step guidance.

    Try to join Oracle’s Java community, which is millions of members strong now. Communicating with other programmers and learners is extremely good for your progress.

    4. edX. Remote studying in the best institutes

    edX - Learn Online Java
    edX – Learn Online Java

    edX offers video courses on Java theory. This platform was originally founded by Harvard University and MIT and has been subsequently enhanced by contributions from other institutions. There are dozens of courses on Java programming from different universities, including plenty of verified introductory courses and certificate programs. The only thing is that it lacks practice, which is highly important in mastering coding in Java. But anyway, it’s a good source, where you can fill the gaps in your knowledge of Java fundamentals.

    5. Codementor. A collection of everything you need while learning Java

    codementor - Learn Online Java
    codementor – Learn Online Java

    Here at Codementor, you will find tutorials, links on numerous courses, tips for Java programmers and the most important Java-related news and articles. It’s not that easy to organize the online education, especially when you’re totally new to the subject, that’s why this source may be really helpful.

    In conclusion, here are a few pieces of advice about learning Java programming effectively:
    1. Use multiple sources in your learning process to try different approaches to explaining the subject.
    2. Keep the right balance: pay more attention to coding instead of the endless research.
    3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning your educational process. Many courses, like CodeGym and Codecademy, have useful help sections and forums. There are also plenty of forums online, like Oracle’s community and StackOverflow.
    4. Try to study regularly and avoid long breaks in your learning process.
    5. Be ready to continue learning even after you get a job as a Java developer.

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