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    Characteristics of a Good Programmer

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    In this article, we will see the Characteristics of a Good Programmer or Qualities of a Good Programmer.

    Good Programmers have below characteristics

    • Good programmers always worried about data structures.
      “Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.” – Linus (Creator of Linux)
    • Programmers are really smart. They constantly learn new things, new programming language.
    • Programmers love this recursion.  Take coffee – Do Code – Sleep.
    • Good & real programmers will do code for open source community. They spend most of the time to do code for open source projects.
    • Good programmers should show respect for deadlines.
    • A great Programmer is able to understand problems clearly, break them down into hypotheses and propose solutions in a coherent manner.
    • Programmers are usually amazing self-learners.
    • A great programmer wants to know the feature they’re building is of high value and pushes back when a feature creates no value for anyone.
    • Good programmer more focuses on end users.
    • Great programmers are usually amazing self-learners.
    • coding is just part of the programmer’s job.
    • A programmer has broad technical experience.
    • Everyday technology is constantly changing, the best programmer takes the time to learn on their own.
    • Great programmers respect for deadlines.
    • Good Programmers are great at task management in a given time period.
    • A good programmer plays a great role in a team.
    • A programmer has always a positive attitude.
    • Good Communication skill is also part of good programmer characteristics.


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