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    Computer Tricks Every Geek Should Know

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    you have a handle list or life list, some way to count whether or not your life is going successfully. But do you have suitable geeky activities and plans on it? Just as a true fashionista wouldn’t be caught dead tiring off-brand clothes, a real geek would rather be noticed with his fly unzipped then heard calling for help.

    A computer geek is a guy who has the capability to answer all the mystical questions of his cognate or buddies and off class no one is best in this creation even a PC Geek can not be a guru without perseverance and deficiency of skills so we’ve some great subjects covered in this post to foster your basic knowledge.If you are a leading user, you know mostly tricks. But here we gather tricks and I take you know most of them. Right? Well, the following are sure to be the ones that you had no idea about!

    Find New Uses for the Programs You Already Have

    New Uses for the Programs
    New Uses for the Programs

    Chances are, you’ve no doubt already found a few cool tools and added them to your fertility arsenal, but most programs can be used for more than just their intended purpose.

    Cloud storage tools like Dropbox, for example, are also great for monitoring your home computer, composing files from afar, and even downloading stuff with BitTorrent. Savvy folks can use Gmail to cache files in the cloud or find out if someone’s taken your laptop. Any tool can become multi-use if you know its ins and outs.

    Surf the Web With a Stock Browser

    Stock Browser
    Stock Browser

    Being a geek is all about taking mastery of your world. So, if you just sit there and use whatever browser came with your operating system, you’re not doing it the geek way. Windows and Mac geeks pass up IE and Safari for Chrome or Firefox while Android and iOS computer expert opt for Opera or Dolphin Browsers.

    Create a Password Without Numbers or Symbols

    create password
    create password

    It may be good to give yourself a simple password that’s cool of nothing more than the name of your popular football team or “abcde,” but geeks know how easy that is for operator to crack. Even the least security-conscious geek will use a few odd characters like the @ sign instead of e or the! instead of “i,” However, serious IT geeks know that a randomly-generated selection of letters, numbers and symbols is the most secure.

    How to Hack some Common Gadgets

    Hacking out some average daily used gadgets can undoubtedly foster your general work expertise If you are uncertain about how to do that then make sure to check this link over here.

    Bypass a Computer Password on Windows

    Clearly this is the article which is totally wrongful to attempt, but still you should have some knowledge that how it’s done so that if you some time you misplace the code of your own PC then this will be a big help to your in bypassing its security.

    Locate a Web Site IP-Address without CMD Prompt Access

    Some college admins believe when they lock-down the control rule out all the sites you easily need to see and avert and fast all leading Internet Protocol Address lookup sites they are being devious. Naturally, which is child’s perform for any dweeb. First, to get a new command prompt, open Notepad and type: Then, save as “cmd.bat”. You now have a command prompt. Now open the command prompt and type xxx xxx ping to locate the IP number of that website. Enter the website into the portal and you’ll formally have amazed all of your pals.

    Turn a Laptop into a Digital Picture Frame

    So you need showing off images of that woman and your puppy you once paid, but you wish to do it in an uber-geeky manner. But you…oh, you are very much clever for that. No, a bit you will locate a vintage notebook on for $5 and transform it into a true work art.

    Require a Backlit Keyboard to Type in the Dark

    Backlit keyboards are for wussies. Geeks use so much time classify that we know the keys on our keyboards better than the back of our hold. We can easily bang out 80 to 100 words per minute on the Das Keyboard, which doesn’t even have stamps on its keys so we have no trouble typing in a dark room.

    Recover Data off Hard Drive

    It could be as a result of an amount of motives-physical harm, file corruption, etc. There are computer service facilities that would be joyful to extract the data for a (substantial) charge; a true geek is the one working at the center, not taking his / her drive there. To discover just how to retrieve info from a broken hard drive.

    Raise Wi-Fi Range

    With a great number of smallish mobile devices obtaining an growing number of innovative browsers, as well as gambling systems like DS and the Sony PlayStation Portable, obtaining the most use from the plan is virtually a nerd requirement. Here is an excellent information on widening your wlan’s array.

    Remove Windows DRM

    DRM is very frustrating. With several internet stores today providing DRM-free music audio files, it would appear as it employs to be it is never as large of a dilemma. That’s perhaps maybe not the position, yet, with all movies displaying quality than MP3 together with audio of a greater- a DRM. Burning Windows DRM isn’t authorized.

    Lock Your Computer with a USB Drive

    You do not need anyone stepping into your documents while you are gone. It is possible to lock your device down with an USB-drive via these directions.

    Crack a Wi-Fi Password

    This can be 1 of those things you don’t need to do (ideally), but that you nevertheless need to understand only for the sake of knowledge. A powerful WPA password is quite safe, but most individuals do not desire to bother learning a convoluted chain of letters, numbers, and symbols, instead preferring to arbitrary regular words. A good overall tutorial on Wi-Fi and cra*king can be located here.

    Download Youtube Videos from Adding SS before

    Download Youtube Videos
    Download Youtube Videos

    Install and update All Windows Software at one click from Ninite.

    update All Windows
    update All Windows

    Hide a File Behind a JPEG

    So you’ll need a pleasant area to conceal your blackmail personal files. You could, obviously, bury them seriously within some arbitrary, useless folders, but there is invariably the freedom of them being found. A code word shielded RAR is the greatest choice, but it’s a little evident despite the most boring title you could give it. A sneaky man would hide the valuable file behind a totally aimless and tedious family reunion picture, where no person in their correct mind would change through.

    Enhance Your Windows Desktop from Rainmeter

    Your Windows Desktop
    Your Windows Desktop

    Convert all type of files like audio, video, documents, pictures from into any formats from


    Locate a Users IP Tackle on AIM

    Knowing someone’s Internet Protocol address is certainly pretty useless in this case, but most folks don’t envision that. If somebody is harassing you via AIM and you can’t get them to discontinue, finding their IP address and mailing it to them with a well-worded risk of law enforcement involvement should they not quit is likely enough to send them camping away with tail between legs, check always how it’s ended.

    Type like a hacker from Hacker types website.

    Type like a hacker from Hackertyper website.
    Type like a hacker from Hackertyper website.

    Know Your Computer’s Hidden Features

    Know Your Computer’s
    Know Your Computer’s

    Every operating system has hidden things lying under the hood, you just have to know where to look. Windows users should check out the hidden features of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, while Mac users should peruse the hidden features of OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, and Mavericks. If you wish to find alike more, you can, again and again, find them in Windows’ Registry or in OS X’s terminal. System tracker like Ultimate Windows Tweaker, OnyX for Mac, and Ubuntu Tweak are also great places to find secret features.

    Squeeze More Power Out of Your Hardware

    Squeeze More Power Out of Your Hardware
    Squeeze More Power Out of Your Hardware

    With a bit of tweaking, you can push your hardware past its original check and get some pretty serious bang for your buck. When it comes to your PC, you can overclock your processor and video card, and even install OS X on non-Macs by building a Hackintosh. And, while you’re at it—even though it isn’t a computer trick specifically—you should try turning your $60 router into a $600 router with DD-WRT.

    Navigate Everything With Your Keyboard

    Navigate Everything
    Navigate Everything

    There are certain basic keyboard shortcuts all should know, but if you actually want to use your clone more efficiently, you can take it so much further. Learn the most common shortcuts for your favorite programs, like Gmail, Microsoft Word, primitive text boxes, and even Facebook. After a little while, you’ll be able to blow through menus and text boxes with unbelievable speed. Check out our guide to becoming a keyboard ninja, complete with a bunch of cheat sheets to help get you off the ground.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    This will bet on your operating system and the apps you use, so there’s no information available. However, that is irrelevant–you’re a geek, you can find them yourself. Shortcuts are various between a slow computer user and a geek. The geek will always will out in a speed contest because they do practically everything from their keyboard.

    Create Music with Keyboard

    How awesome is KeyBored? This little app gives all of your QWERTY keys a piano note. When you type, it tone like an infant monkey punching a keyboard. If you’ve got some musical chops, it won’t take you long to sum out the Star Wars theme or find a hidden vocal message in Counter Strike control buttons.

    Monitor Network Traffic

    The Internet is a large place with a bit of everything. Whether you’re curious about what your roommate is downloading, your kid is getting into, or any leeches living around you who’ve viciously breached your wifi, awake how to analyze network crowd is an invaluable skill.Here is a list of dozens of network analysis, as well as some general info to get you started:

    Reverse Image search?

    If you grip(hold) S and then right click on an image, you would be able to carry out a reverse image search in Chrome.

    A simple way to clear your cache?

    Use Ctrl + Shift + R to clear cache and refresh the page.

    Change the Password of Windows without Knowing Old Password.

    Change Password
    Change Password

    Disable Facebook’s Autoplay Video option!

    Open and on the left side click on ‘video’. Turn off auto-play and your life has been saved from the stupid auto-playing feature of FB videos.

    Don’t use Ctrl+Alt+Del!

    Instead, use control + shift + escape to go to task manager directly.

    Turn your Computer into a WiFi Hotspot and share internet connection with other devices. Download Mhotspot software or you can use command method.

    Turn your Computer into a WiFi Hotspot and share internet connection with other devices. Download Mhotspot software or you can use command method.
    Turn your Computer into a WiFi Hotspot and share internet connection with other devices. Download Mhotspot software or you can use command method.

    Turn your android mobile into mouse and keyboard from Unified App.

    mouse and keyboard
    mouse and keyboard


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