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    Delete Duplicate Emails

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    Write a SQL query to delete all duplicate email entries in a table named,Person keeping only unique emails based on its smallestId.

    | Id | Email            |
    | 1  | [email protected] |
    | 2  | [email protected]  |
    | 3  | [email protected] |
    Id is the primary key column for this table.

    For example, after running your query, the above Person table should have the following rows:

    | Id | Email            |
    | 1  | [email protected] |
    | 2  | [email protected]  |


    Approach 1:
    DELETE p1
    FROM Person p1, Person p2
    WHERE > AND p1.Email = p2.Email
    (If the above condition like :< AND p1.Email=p2.Email, will keep highest id and removes other duplicate emails)
    Approach 2:
    delete from Person
    where Id not in
      (select * from
                             (select min(Id)
                                 from Person
                                 group by Email)
      as t)

    Update: Since people Googling for removing duplicates end up here
    Although the OP’s question is about DELETE, please be advised that using INSERT and DISTINCT is much faster. For a database with 8 million rows, the below query took 13 minutes, while using DELETE, it took more than 2 hours and yet didn’t complete.

    INSERT INTO tempTableName(cellId,attributeId,entityRowId,value)
        SELECT DISTINCT cellId,attributeId,entityRowId,value
        FROM tableName;


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