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    Every Programmer Should know about VIM commands

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    Since the 70’s, Vi is one of the programmer’s best friend. Nevermind you’re new to Vi or not, here’s a big list of 100 useful commands, organized by topic, which will make your coder life better.


    :e filename Open filename for edition
    :w Save file
    :q Exit Vim
    :w! Write file and quit


    /word Search word from top to bottom
    ?word Search word from bottom to top
    /jo[ha]n Search john or joan
    /\< the Search the, theatre or then
    /the\> Search the or breathe
    /\< the\> Search the
    /\< ¦.\> Search all words of 4 letters
    /\/ Search fred but not alfred or frederick
    /fred\|joe Search fred or joe
    /\<\d\d\d\d\> Search exactly 4 digits
    /^\n\{3} Find 3 empty lines
    :bufdo /searchstr/ Search in all open files


    :%s/old/new/g Replace all occurences of old by new in file
    :%s/old/new/gw Replace all occurences with confirmation
    :2,35s/old/new/g Replace all occurences between lines 2 and 35
    :5,$s/old/new/g Replace all occurences from line 5 to EOF
    :%s/^/hello/g Replace the begining of each line by hello
    :%s/$/Harry/g Replace the end of each line by Harry
    :%s/onward/forward/gi Replace onward by forward, case unsensitive
    :%s/ *$//g Delete all white spaces
    :g/string/d Delete all lines containing string
    :v/string/d Delete all lines containing which didn’t contain string
    :s/Bill/Steve/ Replace the first occurence of Bill by Steve in current line
    :s/Bill/Steve/g Replace Bill by Steve in current line
    :%s/Bill/Steve/g Replace Bill by Steve in all the file
    :%s/\r//g Delete DOS carriage returns (^M)
    :%s/\r/\r/g Transform DOS carriage returns in returns
    :%s#<[^>]\+>##g Delete HTML tags but keeps text
    :%s/^\(.*\)\n\1$/\1/ Delete lines which appears twice
    Ctrl+a Increment number under the cursor
    Ctrl+x Decrement number under cursor
    ggVGg? Change text to Rot13


    Vu Lowercase line
    VU Uppercase line
    g~~ Invert case
    vEU Switch word to uppercase
    vE~ Modify word case
    ggguG Set all text to lowercase
    :set ignorecase Ignore case in searches
    :set smartcase Ignore case in searches excepted if an uppercase letter is used
    :%s/\<./\u&/g Sets first letter of each word to uppercase
    :%s/\<./\l&/g Sets first letter of each word to lowercase
    :%s/.*/\u& Sets first letter of each line to uppercase
    :%s/.*/\l& Sets first letter of each line to lowercase


    :1,10 w outfile Saves lines 1 to 10 in outfile
    :1,10 w >> outfile Appends lines 1 to 10 to outfile
    :r infile Insert the content of infile
    :23r infile Insert the content of infile under line 23


    :e . Open integrated file explorer
    :Sex Split window and open integrated file explorer
    :browse e Graphical file explorer
    :ls List buffers
    :cd .. Move to parent directory
    :args List files
    :args *.php Open file list
    :grep expression *.php Returns a list of .php files contening expression
    gf Open file name under cursor


    :!pwd Execute the pwd unix command, then returns to Vi
    !!pwd Execute the pwd unix command and insert output in file
    :sh Temporary returns to Unix
    $exit Retourns to Vi


    :%!fmt Align all lines
    !}fmt Align all lines at the current position
    5!!fmt Align the next 5 lines


    :tabnew Creates a new tab
    gt Show next tab
    :tabfirst Show first tab
    :tablast Show last tab
    :tabm n(position) Rearrange tabs
    :tabdo %s/foo/bar/g Execute a command in all tabs
    :tab ball Puts all open files in tabs


    :e filename Edit filename in current window
    :split filename Split the window and open filename
    ctrl-w up arrow Puts cursor in top window
    ctrl-w ctrl-w Puts cursor in next window
    ctrl-w_ Maximise current window
    ctrl-w= Gives the same size to all windows
    10 ctrl-w+ Add 10 lines to current window
    :vsplit file Split window vertically
    :sview file Same as :split in readonly mode
    :hide Close current window
    :­nly Close all windows, excepted current
    :b 2 Open #2 in this window


    Ctrl+n Ctrl+p (in insert mode) Complete word
    Ctrl+x Ctrl+l Complete line
    :set dictionary=dict Define dict as a dictionnary
    Ctrl+x Ctrl+k Complete with dictionnary


    mk Marks current position as k
    ~k Moves cursor to mark k
    dTMk Delete all until mark k


    :ab mail [email protected] Define mail as abbreviation of [email protected]


    :set autoindent Turn on auto-indent
    :set smartindent Turn on intelligent auto-indent
    :set shiftwidth=4 Defines 4 spaces as indent size
    ctrl-t, ctrl-d Indent/un-indent in insert mode
    >> Indent
    << Un-indent


    :syntax on Turn on syntax highlighting
    :syntax off Turn off syntax highlighting
    :set syntax=perl Force syntax highlighting

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