Apple unveiled a series of incremental updates and larger-scale new products — hello, Apple Music — at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. But the introductions shouldn’t come as a huge surprise: the company often uses WWDC as a stage to launch what, in some cases, becomes iconic software and hardware.

For the history nerds among us, We put together a chart of the flagship products Apple has launched at WWDC since 2006.

Each year, there’s a new version of OS X and iOS (starting in 2008) — and this year is no exception. Past WWDCs revealed various iPhones and MacBooks, and the debut of services like iCloud, FaceTime for iPhone and iTunes Radio.

In addition to the iOS and OS X upgrades, we saw the launch of Apple’s streaming music service and a software developer kit (SDK) for the Apple Watch. We also saw female executives on stage, as Apple pushes for a more diverse and inclusive tech world.

For a full look at the past and present of WWDC, check out the infographic below.