Facts about Programmers

programmer facts
programmer facts

Computer programmers are quicker than normal people in the style of computers and code, but honestly, some of them are well crazy. The programmer is dignitary who always think and precise their ideas in the conditions of “0” and “1”.

Some  of the facts about Programmer is given below:

  1. The Root is at the top of the tree.
  2. A Programmer is one who deals with algorithms and design principles, not the one who fixing a computer.
  3. Counting starts from zero, not one.
  4. A parent may kill its children if the task appointed to them is no longer needed.
  5. Most of the hacking scenes in movies are complete bullshit.
  6. When you plan your hard drive, the files are not deleted.
  7. That Windows desktop’s “Refresh” button is not some magical tool which keeps your computer tough.
  8. That 1 Mbps and 1 MBps internet connection don’t mean the same thing.
  9. The value of a semicolon “;”.
  10. “|” key is not idle.

Who is Programmer?

A Person who fixed a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way doesn’t understand. 

Fact #1

That’s the funny thing about code, the website or agenda may work beautifully, it may run smoothly, and it may be actually beautiful on the front-end side (what the user sees). But, behind all that makes it work, it will have so many errors, and workarounds that almost work and that shouldn’t work, but do for some strange reason.


Sleeping with a problem can actually solve it. Sometimes if a programmer has a complication that is not the act of procuring solved after an effort of too many hours, they take rest and go to sleep. When they wake up, what just pass ???  Their problem gets solved because a programmer is those who never give up, they think about their trouble even while they are in dormant mode :p. They try to make their battle until their problem gets solved.


“Programmers are night geeks”. Do you ever wondered why programmers are night geeks?? Or in plain words why we stay up all night?? We stay up all night as we find silence and more center environment at night. We love to work in concentrate focused environment where we can see and apply our code. It’s never easy and even sometimes irritating to write a code from a mark in front of someone( When someone is staring at you). We don’t want to interrupted by anyone while coding.  And as you notice night is the best time to do it without interrupted by anyone as all are in dormant mode.?

Fact #4

“Programming is best done “in the zone” — a (pleasant) state of mind where your focus on the task is absolute and everything seems easy. This is perhaps much like “the zone” for musicians and athletes.”  Ever ponder why programmers are known as night birds? Why we stay up all night? Because it allows us to get into the area, it allows us to focus on one thing and not have to worry about being broken by someone — because they are all asleep.

Fact #5

A parent may kill its children if the task assigned to them is no longer needed. Not something you would like to hear someone say while out, now is it? (and if it is, you should seriously check into a mental health facility, or turn yourself into your local police department).

Fact #6

Progress in programming can be classified into 4 stages. It is also important to know in which phase of the movement the developer is to, among other things, offer some kind of support so that he does not spend too much time stuck in a specific task to the point of delaying any deliveries. A passing classification identified (automatically) four setup states of progress:

a) Complex Programming
b) Making Progress
c) Slow Progress
d) Stuck

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