We haven’t got any new hardware, but Google made it up to us with a ton of software and platform news. We already covered most of the big stuff, but if you just want everything in one place, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the top news from the Google I/O keynote today.

Google I/O 2015 – Keynote Full Event


Android M preview

As expected, Google launched the M preview version of Android, with a consumer release scheduled for Q3. Check out the main features:

  • Chrome custom tabs – WebView got an update, with Chrome state preservation and support for custom buttons on top of the frame.

  • Granular permissions – Apps developed for Android M will feature granular permission control, in-app and in-settings.

  • Doze mode – when in Doze mode, Android M devices will consume less power, without interfering with notifications or alarms.

  • USB Type C support – Android M will support USB Type C connectors out of the box. Useful for reverse charging and more.

  • Fingerprint sensor support – stock Android now supports fingerprint sensors out of the box; any app can use the feature for authentication.

  • Android Pay – built into Android M, Android Pay will allow fast, secure, contactless payments across US retailers and online.

  • App state backup – apps running on Android M now have their state backed up to the cloud, making it easy to transfer your settings from device to device.


Android M developer preview images

Google has made developer preview versions of Android M available for the following devices:

Google Now on Tap

Coming with Android M, Google Now on Tap makes the virtual assistant accessible from any app through a home button long press. Now with more contextual awareness.

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is finally available without an invite. New features coming are availability for Google apps accounts, trip bundles, undo send button, custom signatures, swipe to delete option and more.

Google Photos

Google has decoupled the Photos functionality from Google Plus into a standalone app that offers unlimited storage, improved auto-tagging, revamped autoawesome features and more.

Project Brillo

Project Brillo is Google’s Internet of Things operating systems. Based on a barebones version of Android, Brillo will give developers and manufacturers an easy way to create and run connected devices.

Offline Google Maps

Full offline functionality is coming to Google Maps by the end of the year.

For developers

Google announced Android Studio 1.3, Polymer 1.0, a new Material design library and more tools to help devs create awesome apps.

Android One updates

For developing markets, Google is serving optimized versions of websites to ensure the best possible user experience.

Virtual reality

Google is releasing an improved version of Cardboard VR that is compatible with more devices, as well as Jump and Expedition, two programs designed to spur the development of VR.

Google Family Star

Family Star is a sort of G-rated section of the Play Store that kids can peruse without fear of bumping into something inappropriate.

Android Nanodegree

Want to learn everything about Android development? In six months, that is? Google’s new Nanodegree is for you.

Developer pages

Google now gives developers a nicer home in the Play Store and lets them A/B test app variants.


Finally, HBO Now is no longer exclusive to iOS devices. The service is hitting Play Store this summer.

Woah, that’s a lot of news. And it’s not even all of it – keep it tuned to I’m Programmer as we look at what’s new in Android M!