Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    Google New Logo Fun Facts

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    The new logo is done in the typeface of sans-serif and is not too dissimilar to the logo for Google’s new parent company, Alphabet. Larry Page, the company’s CEO, wrote in a blog post on August 10 that “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” So the new fun logo seems to demonstrate that.

    You can also see the new Google “G” beginning to appear across its services. Among the more notable is Google+, which is now represented by a big colorless version of the new G.

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    Back in 1996, when Google was known as “Back Rub” it had a more sensual, less animated logo. It was a year later when Larry Page and Sergey Brin rolled out the first Google logo. Which wasn’t really a logo, just the word “Google” in HTML format.

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