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    How to decide on an OS for mobile app development

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    Are you planning for an app? Okay. But how will you plan that which OS your app will target? In this post, we have tried to found the way we can decide on the OS for mobile app development.

    How will you decide on an operating system when it comes to a mobile app development? Before you decide on the OS for your mobile app development, things like app type, meeting, app development complication, available resources, and technology, customization concern, monetization preference, security and need of brand formation can greatly affect your accord on choosing or leaving a course platform. There are essentially four mobile operating systems doing well in the current mobile market.

    These include Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Phone. The whole game of roving application development and allied automation is being played on these four mobile platforms.

    There is a tough championship among operating systems and it absolutely affects your decision on choosing a podium for your mobile application development. Two major players, which have almost beaten others, are Android and iOS.

    According to Gartner’s data of Q3 2015, Android today dominance a market share of 84.7.1% while iOS just holds 13.1%. A half of all the apps load in the first term were for Android, whereas iOS also had an ample share in the market.

    But in spite of more log in, Android developers are not good to make big money. Here, iOS apps account for 75% more credit than the salary earned from Android apps.

    App type exactly affects your accord with choosing a mobile podium for your app development project. iOS is an approved platform for the business-based endorsed because more than 62% smartphone buyer are using iOS motorized iPhone and iPad devices for their field requirements.

    On the other hand, more than 47% users are using their Android-powered phones for a business claim.

    But, if you are house a free game and want millions of downloads to it, the perfect platform is, of course, Android. If it is going to be a paid-only function, the suggested platform is iOS.

    It is because iOS powered devices are a bit costly and generally owned by those users who can also manage credit card to pay for wired things like a sports application.

    If you need heavy customization in your application, the considered operating system is Android. iOS prove several customization relevant complexities. And the decision of choosing a podium is also afflicted by the market you try to target. Android is the best OS if you want to object the mass market. BlackBerry is still the best prime if you want to target managerial community. If you want a quick, wide disclosure to your app, the target floor is Windows Phone as it still has fewer apps to compete with.

    But if you want a universal app, you must go for iOS. blind of the global availability of iPhones and iPads, they all are powered by a single version of iOS. But Android developers cannot assure that their apps will run on all the Android-powered devices.

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