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    How to Extend your smartphone’s battery life

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    Here are a few ways that can help you preserve battery life of your smartphone

    The common query that we have with our smartphone is that the battery these days doesn’t even remain through the day. With smartphones being loaded with apps and games, they tend to consume more battery than normal. It can at times become nightmarish when your smartphone’s battery suddenly goes off when you need it the most. As a result, consumers look for smartphones that provide longer battery life as one of the keys

    It can at times become awful when your smartphone’s battery quickly goes off when you need it the most. As a result, customer looks for smartphones that contribute longer battery life as one of the key factors when they invest smartphones.

    However, in spite of the advancements made in mobile phone tech with crisp, clear screens and faster chips, batteries have made only gradual progress. The reason being that lithium ion, the technology that most dominant batteries are based on, is low cost, easily reproducible and safe, as a result of which, it is worn by most of the smartphone manufacturers.

    So, what can one do to retain or extend the phone’s battery life? We have preferred up some tips to boost your smartphone’s battery life, which is given below.

    Use the screen less—or at least, turn brightness down


    The accessible way to cut down body drain is to reduce your smartphone’s screen illumination, as it tends to suck more energy than any other integral. As it is crucial to use a dim screen in bright status, most of the phones give an auto-brightness mode that naturally adjusts the screen’s cluster based on ambient light. Enabling auto-brightness right can save a good load of battery life.

    Make changes to your email settings

    email settings
    email settings

    If you are using numerous email accounts and draw lots of emails, then these can have a dominant impact on your battery life. Using an automation  called a push, your smartphone can update your email automatically, which took new messages to your phone the point they are removed.

    Push can be a power hog So it needs your phone to regularly listen for new messages.

    Disable unwanted push notifications

    push notifications
    push notifications

    To conserve battery life, both Apple and Google offer shutting off push notifications, which are essential app alerts. Notifications need a regular transmission with notification servers, and each bulletin causes your phone to wake up for a few seconds, including turning on the screen, to show you a message and give you an incidental to act on it.

    Disable unwanted location tracking

    You need to keep an eye on apps that path your location. Your phone’s GPS circuitry expend a lot of battery power, which is used to find out your earthly location for mapping and fitness features. For example, a run-tracking schedule that observes your precise location for the duration of an hour-long run will reduce your battery level.

    Turn off Wi-Fi when network is poor

    Your phone’s battery turn to drain much faster when you are in a point that does not have good Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. The logic is that your phone uses intensity to search for a good signal, and if the signal is very weak, it tries to look for a superior connection.

    Play downloaded music instead of streaming

    Dont streaming
    Don’t streaming

    While online cascade may be the most popular way to listen to music, but services like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music ends up using lots of battery power. In the Wirecutter’s tests, streaming music over a Wi-Fi network for two hours used 10% of an iPhone’s battery reserves; streaming the same music restored directly on tools over two hours consumed only 5%.

    Close unused apps

    Another common myth is quitting unused apps that you are directly not using for extending battery life. This may be true once in a while for a computer, but not for smartphones as they are designed variously. Once an app is no longer functioning in the foreground, it means that you are not strongly using it—most or all of its development are frozen. While an app may still be loaded in RAM (temporary memory), the app is unlikely to be doing things in the training to drain your battery.

    Disable location services completely

    Many apps that use your location do so only infrequently. Instead, keeping the phone’s screen regularly on is the main reason why exploration draws a lot of juice. So, check if any of the apps that slosh the most battery life also track your location.

    Disable Hey Siri or Ok Google

    Both iPhones and Android phones include a hands-free feature for a mass their respective virtual assistants, Hey Siri and Ok Google respectively. This feature desires your phone to continuously listen to your request or direction which uses some power.

    Use only the charger that came with your phone

    It is a common warning around the Internet to use only the dish that came with your phone, as using a contracting charger could blow your phone’s battery—either by being poorly contrived or by supplying too much power. However, current smarting is designed to work with a wide dimension of charging currents.

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