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    HTML5 Cheat Sheet For Programmer

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    HTML5 is a markup language. HTML5 used for structure and presentation of World Wide Web contents. HTML5 supports the traditional HTML and XHTML-style syntax. In this article, we see HTML5 Cheat Sheet For Programmer and create a list of HTML5 new tags and HTML5 tags. In HTML5, new features in its markup, New APIs, XHTML, and error handling. HTML5 is the latest specification of the HTML language.

    • HTML5 Encourage semantic markup
    • HTML5 Separate design from content
    • HTML5 Promote accessibility and design responsiveness
    • HTML5 Reduce the overlap between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • HTML5 Support rich media experiences while eliminating the need for plugins such as Flash or Java

    HTML5 New Tag

    Here we create a list for the new tag of HTML5 with its description.

    Tag Description
    <article> Determine an article in a document
    <aside> Determine content aside from the page content
    <audio> Determine sound content
    <bdi> Isolates a part of text
    <canvas> Draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting
    <datalist> Specifies a list of pre-defined options for input controls
    <details> Determine additional details
    <dialog> Determine a dialog box
    <embed> Determine a container for an external application
    <figcaption> Determine a caption for a <figure> element
    <figure> Determine self-contained content
    <footer> Determine a footer for a document or section
    <header> Determine a header for a document or section
    <main> Determine the main content of a document
    <mark> Determine highlighted text
    <meter> Determine a scalar measurement
    <nav> Determine navigation links
    <output> Determine the result of a calculation
    <progress> Represents the progress of a task
    <rp> Determine what to show in browsers that do not support ruby annotations
    <rt> Determine an explanation of characters
    <ruby> Determine a ruby annotation
    <section> Determine a section in a document
    <source> Determine multiple media resources for media elements
    <summary> Determine a visible heading for a <details> element
    <svg> Draw scalable vector graphics
    <time> Determine a date/time
    <track> Determine text tracks for media elements
    <video> Determine video or movie
    <wbr> Determine a possible line-break


    HTML5 Tag

    Here we create a list for the tag of HTML5 with its description.

    Tag Description
    <!–…–> Determine a comment
    <!DOCTYPE> Determine type of document
    <a> Determine Hyperlinl
    <abbr> Determine an abberviation
    <address> Determine an address element
    <area> Determine an area inside an image map
    <b> Determine bold text
    <base> Detemine a base URL for all the links in a page
    <bdo> Determine the direction of text display
    <blockquote> Determine a long quatation
    <body> Determine the body element
    <br> Insert a single line break
    <button> Determine a push button
    <caption> Determine a table description
    <cite> Determine a citation
    <code> Determine computer code text
    <col> Determine attribute for table columns
    <colgroup> Determine groups of columns
    <dd> Determine a definition description
    <del> Determine deleted text
    <dfn> Determine a definition term
    <div> Determine a section in a document
    <dl> Determine a definition list
    <dt> Determine a definition term
    <em> Determine emphasized text
    <embed> Determine external plugin or interactive content
    <fieldset> Determine a fieldset
    <form> Determine a form
    <frame> Used to determine one particular frame within frameset
    <h1> to <h6> Determine header 1 to 6
    <head> Determine document information
    <hr> Determine horizontal rulr
    <html> Determine HTML document
    <i> Determine italic text
    <iframe> Determine an inline subwindow
    <img> Determine an image
    <input> Determine an input field
    <ins> Determine inserted text
    <kbd> Determine keyboard text
    <label> Determine an inline sub window
    <legend> Determine a little fieldset
    <li> Determine list item
    <link> Determine resource reference
    <map> Determine an image map
    <menu> Determine menu list
    <meta> Determine meta information
    <noscript> Determine noscript section
    <object> Determine an embedded object
    <ol> Determine ordered list
    <optgroup> Determine option group
    <option> Determine an option ina drop-down list
    <p> Determine a paragraph
    <param> Determine a parameter for an object
    <pre> Determine preformatted text
    <progress> Determine task progress
    <q> Determine short quotation
    <rt> Determine explanation to ruby annotation
    <ruby> Determine ruby annotation
    <samp> Determine sample computer code
    <script> Determine a definition list
    <select> Determine selected list
    <small> Determine small text
    <span> Determine a selection in a document
    <strong> Determine strong text
    <style> Determine style definition
    <sub> Determine sub-scripted text
    <sup> Determine super-scripted text
    <table> Determine table
    <tbody> Determine table body
    <td> Determine table cell
    <textarea> Determine a text area
    <tfoot> Determine table footer
    <thead> Determine table head
    <th> Determine table header
    <time> Determine date/time
    <title> Determine document title
    <tr> Determine table row
    <ul> Determine unordered list
    <var> Determine variable


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