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    HTML5 tools to make your life easier – Part 2

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    For Part 1: HTML5 tools to make your life easier

    HTML5 Tools:

    You can see another very useful and popular HTML5 tools list as below:


    CreateJS image -I'm Programmer

    Create rich, interactive content with these tools
    • This is a suite of open source libraries and tools to create rich interactive content. The suite comprises four main libraries which can work completely independently or matched and some related tools.
    • For example, EaselJS lets work with graphics and interactivity using HTML5 Canvas. SoundJS provides HTML5 audio playback on different browsers and devices.

     Chrome Console

    Chrome console imagev -I'm Programmer
    Chrome console

    • One of the simplest solutions for HTML5 coding is Google Chrome console. Go to a website, hit F12 and start coding straight away.
    • The console lets customize any web elements on the webpage and immediately preview the changes.
    • The device emulator is also indispensable for testing designs on various gadgets.

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     Font dragr

    Fontdragr image -I'm Programmer

    • This tool allows web designers to easily test custom fonts without the need for any CSS.
    • All you have to do is drag and drop the font.
    • The bookmarklet button provided by the tool lets test any font from your file system, in the gallery or on any website.

    HTML5 Reset

    HTML5 Reset image -I'm Programmer
    HTML5 Reset

    This tool is a handy markup rewriter
    • This tool lets web developers and designers write their old website designs in HTML5 coding.
    • The package is hosted on GitHub as well as HTML5 Reset WordPress theme, which includes semantic HTML5 markup, CSS declarations for the basic WordPress elements, a widget-ready sidebar, jQuery, and built-in analytics.

     HTML5 Please

    HTML5 Please image - I'm Programmer
    HTML5 Please

    • HTML5 Please helps you to search for a feature that you want to use and find out how to do so.
    • For instance, type video and you’ll see the full list of useful resources about supporting browsers and devices, syntax peculiarities, general recommendations on how to use this tag.
    • If you think that the recommendation is incorrect, you may edit it and send a pull request.


    WebStorm image - I'm Programmer

    WebStorm is a reasonably-priced lightweight IDE
    • WebStorm is a lightweight integrated development environment (IDE). It provides full support for HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js and many modern frameworks, advanced debugging, and all the tools you need for productive web development.
    • A personal license costs $49 and a commercial one $99.

     W3 Validator

    W3 Validator- I'm Programmer
    W3 Validator

    Ensure your markup is valid with this essential tool
    • Once your web document is almost ready, you need to check its markup validity. Choose HTML5 as a document type and insert your webpage URL.
    • The tool will test your code and show all errors and warnings on it if any.
    • These html5 tools are absolutely free(html5 tools free download).


    Literally Canvas image -I'm Programmer
    Literally Canvas

    This drawing board can be embedded in HTML5
    • Literally, Canvas is an open source HTML5 drawing widget.
    • It’s kind of like an extensible MS Paint in JavaScript. You can use it to embed drawing boards on your web pages so that your users could sketch drawings.
    • The tool uses React.js for its GUI.

    I hope this toolkit list will help you create stunning HTML5-based websites. Please share in the comments your favorite apps and software which do the same

    For Part 1:  HTML5 tools to make your life easier

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