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    iOS 8 – How To Add And Remove Widgets

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    According to Apple, iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever happened in the history of this Mobile OS. Apple iOS 8 comes with so many updates to the apps and features you use in your daily life on your Apple device. You will see massive amount of changes in most of the apps like Messages and Photos. In the last big update iOS 7, Apple introduced notification bar with widgets and now in iOS 8 Apple gave its users capability to customize those widgets.

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    Widgets are the integral part of Apple iOS 8 and now they are actually available with more customization and configuration as compared to iOS 7, where you can just switch them off. It’s great that now you can customize your Notification Center and its widgets completely. Let’s move on without wasting any further time and see how you can add and remove or arrange these Widgets in Apple iOS 8.

    Download iOS 8 Widgets from App Store:

    Firstly, you should have widgets installed already on  your iOS 8 device. You can download Widgets from the App Store just like any other normal app. You must know the fact that some widgets are exclusive for an app icon for tweaking and other important configurations, but there are some other types of widgets that are just supplement for an app, for example Evernote and Dropbox services widgets.

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    We go with Dropbox just for the illustration (all other apps/widgets will work the same); so first of all pull down the Notification Center (usually here you will find all the widgets). Here you will see two tabs ‘Today’ and ‘Notifications’, in Notifications you will find all the reminders but it’s irrelevant at this point of time so move on to Today where you will see the the default widgets including today, weather, stocks, reminders, etc.

    Scroll down till the end to find ‘Edit’ > tap on it, which will displays you all the widgets in listed form that’s available on the device. Widgets will be denoted by two distinctive color icons, Red dash indicates Active widgets while Green plus describes Inactive widgets.

    Adding and Removing Widgets in iOS 8:


    Tapping on the Red icon will allow you to remove the widget or send it to the below list however, tapping the Plus will activate the widget. You will see three white dashes subsequently displayed in front of every widget, you can use that function to sort widgets up or down according to your needs, by just dragging them. Once you get your desired arrangement; tap ‘Done’ (on the top in right hand corner).

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