iPhone X: Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship Phone

iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship Phone
iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship Phone

Taking a step away from the traditional iPhone formula, the iPhone X presents users with a bold, striking device that merges classic iPhone aesthetic with modern style. The new model not only offers upgrades on some of Apple’s favourite features but takes the technology a step further with a host of new ways to interact with your digital world. From an all new edge-to-edge OLED screen that offers vibrant colours and the blackest of blacks, to new ways to interact with your phone and more, we’re here to explore some of the top favourite features of the iPhone X, and why you should be excited by them.

iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship PhoneX
iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship PhoneX

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Colour Like You Have Never Seen Before

Immersion is the name of the game when it comes to the striking new design of Apple’s flagship phone. “Apple’s vision has always been to create an iPhone that is entirely screen” and, with the iPhone X, they have truly tested the limits of this concept by introducing an all new, edge-to-edge OLED Super Retina Display which not only offers a screen brighter than traditional screens but also one that offers high-res images, accurate stunning colours and true blacks, all packaged up in a 5.8inch display. On top of this, the 2436×1125 resolution combines with HDR support to offer users a crisp, clear and bold media experience like no other. Add in Apple’s True Tone feature, which allows you to adjust the colouring based on ambient light, and you have a truly smart screen that delivers an exceptional viewing experience.

Wireless is the Way

With the iPhone X, that gorgeous glass panel doesn’t only serve an aesthetic function but also opens the door to wireless charging, a feature first seen in the iPhone 8 but improved in the X. Simply placing your device on a supporting QI-enabled charging station gives you access to faster charging with no cords required. However, charging is still charging so to go with it’s newfound power, the iPhone X features a 2,719mAh battery that offers a strong, full-day usage which is ideal for most users (though power-intensive apps will still make you reach for that wireless charging panel a bit sooner than just running everyday apps would).

Capture Your World in More Detail

Taking image and video capturing to the next level, the iPhone X introduces a new dual-lens camera setup on the back of the device that houses two 12-megapixel cameras that are packed with exciting features to help you capture your world in more detail than ever before. Featuring a f/1.8 main camera and a f/2.4 telephoto camera beside it, the iPhone X offers dual optical stabilization for clearer photos, fantastic colour saturation, excellent contrast as well as improved features for Apple’s new Portrait mode including the addition of Portrait Lighting which allows you to manually adjust lighting conditions for a more professional looking image. Combine this with the zoom feature that functions like a digital zoom and allows magnification without loss of detail and you are set to take professional-looking photos with just a touch.

Changing the Face of Security and Accessibility with Face ID

Heading over to the front of the iPhone X and you will find the true gem of this device. Housed in the notch is the TrueDepth Camera system which contains not only a 7-megapixel camera but also an infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity scanner, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone and dot projector which all combine to give you access to the main selling point of Apple’s new flagship: Face ID.

iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship Phone
iPhone X Our Favourite Features of Apple’s New Flagship Phone

[Image courtesy Apple.com]

Using the technology contained within the True Depth camera system, Face ID can be trained to recognize your face in order to perform a number of functions including unlocking your phone, inputting passwords and even authorizing Apple Pay with just your face. Additionally, the Face ID allows for a smarter device, hiding sensitive notifications to only pop up if your Face ID matches. Other intuitive features include the dimming of your display if your face is not within reading distance and, if you’re looking at your phone, the volume of alerts will be lowered as you’re already using your phone.

Take on a New Form with Animoji

The final, and for some most exciting, feature that is available thanks to the TrueDepth Camera system is the Animoji feature which uses the Face ID technology to map a 3D image of your favourite emoji. With the ability to copy facial expressions, replicate face movements, expression and speech the Animoji feature is the perfect blend of high-tech and silliness.

More Power at Your Fingertips

In order to support all of these new and updated features, the Apple iPhone X makes full use of the A11 Bionic Chip, the same 64-bit ARM-based chip that offered iPhone 8 users two performance cores that perform 25% faster than previous models. The four-efficiency cores in the all new CPU also perform up to 70% more efficiently than the A10 Fusion, meaning more power in your pocket for longer. Add in 3GB of Ram and the additional processing power and efficiency enables users access to a wider variety of apps than ever before, with gaming applications in particular making full use of the additional power available thanks to the A11. Whatever your taste in games, be it honing your aim in one of the many FPS-styled offerings, or keeping yourself entertained with online slot games from your mobile, the new Apple iPhone X has the power to do more. Factor in the growing numbers of Augmented Reality (AR) games that are supported by this powerful tech and the mobile gaming opportunities are truly endless.

Packed with upgrades to virtually every core device feature, as well as some exciting new ones, the iPhone X is set to take the mobile industry by storm (if you can afford it).

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