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    JavaScript Notification Library notie.js

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    A neat and simple-to-use alert/growl style notifications plugin for JavaScript that has no dependencies and allows you to override or add style in a separate CSS file

    Notify.js is a jQuery plugin to provide simple yet fully customizable notifications. The javascript code snippets in this documentation with the green edge are runnable by clicking them. notie.js is a clean and simple notification plugin (alert/growl style) for javascript, with no dependencies

    $.notify("Hello World");

    With notie.js you can:

    • Observant users
    • Confirm user options
    • Input user advice


    • Pure javascript, no dependencies, only one file to include
    • Works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera)
    • Comfortablycustomizable
    • Change the colors to match your style/brand
    • Font size auto-adjusts based on screen size
    • Turn bottom shadow off for flat design, on for material design
    • Nullifyor add baptize in a separate .css file (optional)






    npm install notie


    bower install notie


    At the top of notie.js, you can change all the colors to match your style/brand, turn on or off the bottom shadow, and change the large and small font sizes that auto adjust based on screen width.

    // General
    var shadow = true;
    var font_size_small = '18px';
    var font_size_big = '24px';
    var font_change_screen_width = 600;
    var animation_delay = 0.3;
    var background_click_dismiss = true;
    // notie.alert colors
    var alert_color_success_background = '#57BF57';
    var alert_color_warning_background = '#E3B771';
    var alert_color_error_background = '#E1715B';
    var alert_color_info_background = '#4D82D6';
    var alert_color_text = '#FFF';
    // notie.confirm colors
    var confirm_and_input_color_background = '#4D82D6';
    var confirm_and_input_color_yes_background = '#57BF57';
    var confirm_and_input_color_no_background = '#E1715B';
    var confirm_and_input_color_text = '#FFF';
    var confirm_and_input_color_yes_text = '#FFF';
    var confirm_and_input_color_no_text = '#FFF';
    // ID's for use within your own .css file (OPTIONAL)
    // (Be sure to use !important to override the javascript)
    // Example: #notie-alert-inner { padding: 30px !important; }
    var alert_outer_id = 'notie-alert-outer';
    var alert_inner_id = 'notie-alert-inner';
    var alert_text_id = 'notie-alert-text';
    var confirm_outer_id = 'notie-confirm-outer';
    var confirm_inner_id = 'notie-confirm-inner';
    var confirm_backdrop_id = 'notie-confirm-backdrop';
    var confirm_yes_id = 'notie-confirm-yes';
    var confirm_no_id = 'notie-confirm-no';
    var confirm_text_id = 'notie-confirm-text';
    var confirm_yes_text_id = 'notie-confirm-yes-text';
    var confirm_no_text_id = 'notie-confirm-no-text';
    var input_outer_id = 'notie-input-outer';
    var input_inner_id = 'notie-input-inner';
    var input_backdrop_id = 'notie-input-backdrop';
    var input_div_id = 'notie-input-div';
    var input_field_id = 'notie-input-field';
    var input_yes_id = 'notie-input-yes';
    var input_no_id = 'notie-input-no';
    var input_text_id = 'notie-input-text';
    var input_yes_text_id = 'notie-input-yes-text';
    var input_no_text_id = 'notie-input-no-text';

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