Best tips to get jobs for programmers

Do This Instead of Cover Letters

Cover Letters Are Dead: Do This Instead. Many detectives say that they don't read cover letters, but you can still illustrate your pitch by making...
Bad bosses

How to be Different with your Boss without upsetting

Let's face it- widely disagreeing with someone in a way that's productive and non-condescending can be tough. But, when that someone is your boss?...
How to do job?

How To Proofread Your Resume Beyond Looking For Typos

Not only is your resume actually your career count up on one page, it's also your ticket to your next beautiful opportunity. So, yeah,...
Web developer

Developer Skills That Will Get You Hired

To find out the most wanted after builder skills this year, Paul Heltzel reached out to a mix of recruiters, CTOs, CEOs, and another...