Learning programming Language isn’t something you can do in an afternoon just like reading a newspaper, but it doesn’t have to be a life’s work either. There are a number of ways, making it easier to learn programming faster, but the most common tips to learn any program is:

Learning Programming Fast In Just 5 Steps

Don’t go too fast, get it right before moving on 

This can be explained as few students coming to learn C language, who knows a bit about programming. As a result, they did great in the first week, then eventually fall back and back as course moves on. WHY? Because they all went very fast in the introductory part, thinking they knew it all which they didn’t. And as a result, their fundamentals were not clear and had not strong grasp on it. So, go slow while learning and master the particular topic before going to the next one which will clear your base and set up a foundation.

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Look at the Example code

Learning program is about code and understanding the code. When you’re first learning to program, you should make sure to look at, and try to understand, every example. Reading the code example before the text, and try to figure out what they did would help but not always, but it would force you to look at the example very carefully and as a result it helps us to make the write-ups clearer. While reading programming tutorials and spending a great deal of time talking about the sample would help us to work through exactly what the code does.

Don’t Just Read Example Code-Run It

But simply reading the code from programming tutorials, looks easy and makes you feel that you have got everything but, once you again memorize after some time you just make mistakes in writing the code. The solution to this problem is once to read the code just find the simple compiler like Code::Blocks and try to type the code you read into the compiler instead of copying and pasting than you will get to revise every single line of code you read and will force you to pay attention to every detail.

Once you write the code just compile the code and run it and make sure it gives the output you were expecting. Now the next step is to change the code according to you and try little easy experiments and try to figure out the changes. This will help to develop your skills.

Write Your Own Code As Soon As Possible

As soon as you find there is some grip about learning the language or there is something that is going on your head then start writing your own programs. It would be difficult to get good ideas about what to write in the program, but there is no need of any idea at initial stage. Have a Google search if still want some idea about what to write in the program. You can use the programs from the books and tutorials you read and make that same program using different code and not looking back to earlier program. And if the program has too big then just divided the program into small pieces and try to code all the pieces one by one.

Learn To Use A Debugger

In order to Understand how the code which you have written executes we should use a tool called Debugger which allows you to view step wise execution of code.

The Debugger will allow us to step line by line through a piece of code. It will let see the values of variables, and whether the code or its statement is executed. And help you answer all your questions about how the program is running.

But students often don’t have the habit to use the debugger and take long time to find very simple bugs and make their life hard. The sooner you learn to use a debugger, the sooner it will help you.

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Seek Out More Sources

There are possibilities that you don’t understand something, and there could be many reasons behind it such as it doesn’t clicked in our mind when explained.

The only thing you have to do is to find alternative explanations, as the internet is filled full of information about programming and we can get better and different views or can refer to really good books.

And asking someone that “I don’t understand, Please explain me again” will likely get a link back to the same text you didn’t understand. So rephrase your question about what are you thinking and it will be easier for experts to answer your questions. So if you ask a smart question that will generate better output.