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    Linux IO stack diagram

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    A high-level overview of the Linux IO stack diagram relating its various layers. This diagram shows a relationship between applications, the VFS layer, block layer, I/O schedulers, SCSI layers, various device drivers, and physical devices.

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    Updated Stack Diagram:

    Linux IO stack diagram
    Linux IO stack diagram

    The two main areas of the Linux storage subsystem are

    • Filesystems layer (include virtual file system) – Each file system type defines their own structures and logic rules used to manage these groups of information and their names.
    • Storage devices support layer – Linux storage is based on block devices. Block devices provide buffered access to the hardware, always allowing to read or write any sized block. They are commonly used to represent hardware like hard disks.

    Both layers are used to implement how the kernel retrieves data from and stores data to secondary memory devices such as hard disks, magnetic tapes, optical discs or Flash memories.

    Linux supports many different file systems, but common choices for the system disk on a block device include the ext* family, XFS, JFS, ReiserFS and btrfs.SquashFS is a common compressed read-only file system.

    Linux IO stack diagram Downloads

    Diagram for Linux Kernel 4.0

    Linux Storage Stack Diagram v4.0 (for Linux Kernel 4.0):

    • Linux I/O Stack Diagram v4.0 (20150601): SVG PDF PNG

    Diagram for Linux Kernel 3.17

    Linux Storage Stack Diagram v3.17 (for >Linux Kernel 3.17):

    • Linux I/O Stack Diagram v3.17 (20141001): SVG PDF PNG

    Diagram for Linux Kernel 3.3

    Linux Storage Stack Diagram v1.0 (for Linux Kernel 3.3):

    • Linux I/O Stack Diagram v1.0 (20120620): SVG PDF PNG
    • Linux I/O Stack Diagram v0.1 (20120306): SVG PDF PNG

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