Which of the following is private IP address??
Which of the following is private IP address??

Your router’s manual is your saver, at first glance you may find it not very useful but it’s definitely required for some configuration. Plug-and-play hardware surely is useful and shows that technology has improved over time but router is some exception, as you usually going to need the manual to see different settings like, administration panel, firewall settings, security settings etc.

So don’t throw the hardware manual as some serious problem can knock you offline when you will be thinking of checking an online manual.


Put Your Router by a Brick Wall

Physical limitations can affect radio waves; resultantly you will get poor signals and reduce signal range. Dense objects block radio waves so try to avoid placing your router on metallic furniture, dense kitchen countertops, walls with piping etc. So instead try to place your router on plastic or wooden stand relatively in an open area with no major obstacles nearby.

router by brick wall


Forget To Create a Unique Network Name

Try to avoid naming your router something like HOME 8345, HOME8411, or HOME8409 rather try some unique name. These kind of names give away the fact that these are some home networks nearby so intruders can easily mimic the names which can create some security issues or other nearby users may mistakenly take your network identity. Same kind of names like Home 1456 kind of creates confusion, it’s best to avoid them.

Usually all connected a devices remembers the network name in their device memory but picking a unique name is the best solution as to avoid any further confusion or security issues.


Use the Default Passwords

Routers come with the default administration password from the factory which is listed in the manual. Users often do not care about changing the password as they think that only they have access to the admin panel. However routers are flawless but still there are certain chances that someone might have an access to your home network by guessing password or exploiting your router remotely. So to avoid all these problems changing the default password is a must.

router password


Don’t Turn On Wi-Fi Encryption

While talking about the mistake, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make as not to set up Wi-Fi encryption and leaves the network open. By doing so they make their network open to all the dangers, others can sniff in your network easily and create problems for you.

You must turn on encryption and how to do so, that you can read from the manual.


Set Up the Wrong Wi-Fi Encryption

Routers have several Wi-Fi encryption options while often WEP settings is ON by default but its recommended to use WPA2-AES with a long and random password. WEP is also better than nothing but it’s safe.

Set Up the Wrong Wi-Fi Encryption

Turning on encryption is not simple but it’s not that difficult if you will read it how to do it. It will save you some hassle and make your network strong against most of the security threats.


Mix the Wrong Adapters and Routers

Mostly Routers and adapters are backwards compatible with older versions of Wi-Fi, the newest standard is 802.11ac which works with both 802.11n 802.11g. These all perfectly support the modern adapters but may not work with 802.11 standard, which by the way is quite old.

Mix the Wrong Adapters and Routers

When talking about performance wrong adapters may reduce the performance as 802.11ac adapter will only function at 802.11n speeds if paired with 802.11n router, and if it’s paired with 802.11g router than network performance will be slow. It’s recommended that you should not upgrade your adapter without upgrading your router vice versa.


Neglect the Firewall

Firewall is the most valuable built in feature of home routers and users must carefully check whether it’s enabled or not as it saves you from many possible intruder attacks. You may need to open ports for some software to perform better, but at the same try to close all the unused ports to avoid any security threat.


Enter Incorrect Configuration Information

We are human so we are open to make mistakes so there is no need to feel ashamed when you did not remember your IP address as we often confuse between or, so find the right address from your router’s manual. If something is wrong here you will not be able to connect your computer or cannot even access the admin panel. Try to double check the numbers and also check if you have plugged in the power cord correctly.

Enter Incorrect Configuration Information


Forget To Update Firmware

Updating router’s firmware may seem boring but it’s an important task to do. So always keep in mind to download and update the firmware whenever the latest update is available as it will save you from several serious network problems.