Most Popular Programming Language in the world 2017 That Will Get You Hired

Hello, programmers, It is always important to update self and learn new programming languages. Be ready for the 2017 year to get paid highest for the job. I have listed out the top 10 most popular programming language by google search. I have inserted markup language, scripting language and programming languages as well in our most popular programming language list.


1. Python

2. Java


4. JavaScript

5. SQL


This is the most favorite programming languages from the google search. I will update this article with full details. Stay tuned. 🙂 Keep Sharing! I will update best programming language for web development also.

You can download top 10 programming languages 2017 list


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  2. dear sir,
    iam a new person to this software world. Now I started learning PL/SQL. i was very confused with the programs. can u please suggest me some tips to improve my programming skills..
    waiting for ur reply.
    thanking you sir.

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