There are many reports saying that Apple is busy in making 12-inch Apple Macbook and now according to new leaks from Weiphone forum post, a 12-inch Apple Macbook is surely on our way.

Several changes are expected on this new 12-inch Macbook Air. A new refresh Macbook lineup is expected with many physical changes such as, this device will be shipping without a fan assembly so users will have noiseless experience. It will also be featuring an all new design of trackpad which will not have mechanical button so now you will be able to use it by simply tapping on the trackpad like iPhone or iPod.

Apple haven’t redesigned its physical display since 2010, so at this point of time some significant changes are expected. A fanless design implies that this will be an ultra thin and light device. Many of the other tablets and hybrid devices are fanless so it’s definitely a good initiative by Apple.


This rumored Macbook is speculated to be the affordable Apple Notebook as it will be cheaper than many of the current Apple Notebooks. It is expected to be launched in the second or third quarter of 2014. Apple has claimed that it will be as portable and productive as 11-inch and the 13-inch version MacBook Air and Pro.

The author also shed some light on the much awaited Apple wearable iWatch, that it surely does exist but there is no news about its design and functionality until now. It is said to be in advanced prototype state. The expected release date of this mysterious Apple device is expected in late 2014, but till then we have to wait and see whether it will be a watch or not as Cupertino based company can take a different direction with their iOS-based wearable.