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    Quick ways to speed up a slow iPhone

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    Clearing out Cache, Freeing up RAM

    To begin with, let’s start with something simple and easy: clearing out app cache, reallocating memory reserves so that RAM is optimized.

    • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.
    • When Slide to Power off appears, let go of the Sleep/Wake Button.
    • Hold down your Home button.
    • After a few seconds, you screen will flash blank and then return to Home screen, which means you’ve cleared your iPhone’s RAM.

    Some user’s have had trouble with this and I’m not sure why. If Siri comes up when you hold down the Home button, one user suggested turning Siri off to clear RAM and then turning Siri back on when you’re done. For most, this should go smoothly and be easy to do. If your iPhone has been particularly sluggish, you’ll feel how much faster your iPhone is instantly.

    Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

    A lot of iPhone users are a bit addicted to apps. We’ve gone over a few ways to clean up your app usage by creating a most used page and a second holding bin page to test new apps. If you’re the type to download and try tons of apps on a daily basis it’s probably necessary to clean up your home screen and take a close look at all the apps you didn’t end up liking. Delete them and free up hard drive space and declutter your home screen in one simple step.

    Delete old pictures, videos, and apps you never use

    If you’ve been getting the “Storage Almost Full” or “Not Enough Storage” notifications, chances are a lack of storage space is slowing down your phone.

    Turn off automatic downloads and background app refresh

    turn off any background or automatic processes that slow down your phone (and drain your battery).

    On iOS 7 and later, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and tap the slider next to “Music,” “Apps,” Books & Audiobooks,” and “Updates” to turn off automatic downloads.

    To disable background app refresh, which lets apps refresh content even when you’re not using them, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap the slider next to “Background App Refresh.”

    Tweak location and background settings

    One thing I do from regular  to time, anyhow what device or version of iOS I’m using, is tweak what apps have access to my location and background app refresh. If you have tons of apps installed and they’re constantly fresh in the background, this can cause some slowdown and battery drain.

    You can change what apps have entry to background app refresh by following these steps:


    1. Launch the Settings app and tap on General.
    2. Choose Background App Refresh.
    3. You can either turn the feature OFF altogether or individually choose what apps can refresh data in the background.

    You can relocate what apps can use your location, and when, by following these steps:


    1. Launch the Settings app and tap on Privacy.
    2. Choose Location Services.
    3. Now choose what apps can access your location and how.

    I favor letting a good majority of apps use your location only while using the app. This aid you can get weather instruction for your location, get report transit via Maps without inputting locations, etc. At the same time, it will prohibit those apps from using your location without your idea in the background.

    Shut down all unwanted open applications

    If your software is up to date, it’s time to try a few fixes. Let’s start with an easy solution: closing down all non-essential apps.

    Double-click the Home button to bring up the currently running apps. Swipe upwards to close them. You can swipe to close three apps with up to three fingers to speed up the process a little bit.

    Irritatingly, there’s no way to close them all at once. We’re going to close down everything, then start again from scratch.

    Use the Reduce Motion feature

    If you’re using an iPhone 5 or older (or even an iPad 4 or older), iOS 9 may run kind of slower on your device. However, there’s still thing you can do to try to speed them up again.


    iOS has a lot of fancy energy that can take up revenue and cause some overall lag. You can easily turn these off and see if your iPhone speeds up again. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Launch the Settings app and tap on General.
    2. Choose Accessibility.
    3. Tap on Reduce Motion and turn the feature ON.

    This new feature will turn off graphics when opening and closing apps as well and disable the parallax effect (a fancy way to explain how icons and wallpapers throughout iOS seem to move).

    Restore with iTunes, not iCloud

    iCloud updates are comfortable but they work incrementally. And occasionally bits and pieces of bad data can be sent from update to update. While they regularly work as advertised, I’ve plainly had cleaner installs, as have many others, using iTunes. Since iTunes extracts and decompresses files on your abacus as opposed to your iPhone or iPad, you’re getting a clean version of iOS, instead of an incremental update.

    Along with doing a clean restore in iTunes, I also decidedly recommend backing up to iTunes and repair from that backup instead of your present iCloud backup. Once you’ve restored, you can go back to backing up to iCloud as normal.

    Once the restore is complete, you’ll be asked whether you want to setup as a new iPhone or restore from a backup.

    Reboot your iPhone

    Many times, a sluggish iPhone can be fixed by simply rebooting it. Do this by holding down theHome button and Power button at the same time. Keep holding them down until you see theApple logo. You can then release them.

    Clearing App Cache and Data

    Clearing App Cache and Data - I'm Programmer
    Clearing App Cache and Data – I’m Programmer

    If you’re doubtful of someone snooping around your iPhone/iPad’s Safari app, you better clear stuff out. While Safari as such doesn’t store sensitive data, you might have checked a few tabs somewhere where sensitive logins are stored. Also, clearing the cache and cookies occasionally helps in making Safari load faster.

    Whereas there are separate options to clear History and Website Data in Safari in iOS , you can clear History and Website Data in Safari in iOS at once. Any way, you want to clean up Safari in iOS on your iPhone or iPad to expedite both its speed and functionality.

    Before you proceed, note that clearing cache, cookies or history might result in loss of data that you want to store in Safari. For instance, if you have saved log-in information via Safari, you might be logged out of the websites when you clear cookies. Also, you won’t be able to access data from past browsing sessions when you clear the history.

    Top Applications to boost your iPhone

    (1) CM Security

    Apple wouldn’t allow clearing out app cache, reallocating memory reserves and other things without jailbreaking but that’s precisely what CM Security, a popular app to clear app cache and optimize RAM, does. It’s an app that works right off the bat: install it, run it and you can clear memory and optimize RAM and performance instantly. Almost instantly.

    Clear Cache andFreeing up-RAM on iPhone- I'm Programmer
    Clear Cache and Freeing up-RAM on iPhone- I’m Programmer

    Junk Clears out Cache in iPhone- I'm Programmer
    Junk Clears out Cache in iPhone- I’m Programmer

    Download CM Security from here. It’s free.

    (2) PhoneClean

    which helps you remove all kinds of junks and unwanted files, like: Indiscoverable junks (like user caches, photo caches, App leftovers), Internet junks, (like Safari Junks, Browsing Histories, Webmail caches), Personal and Sensitive data, (like Message, Call History, Contacts, Notes), and System Junks (like iOS Notifications, App leftovers, Active Apps), etc. Anyway, PhoneClean offers you a clean and fast iPhone iPad.

    Download it from here

    (3) iCareFone cleanear

    This free clean master for iOS is able to thoroughly clean any unwanted files, greatly accelerate your iOS running speed and protect your privacy security in every single way so that bring you a safer, faster and better iPhone experience.

    (4) Clean Master – Junk Photo Cleaner & Memory Cleaner

    Photo Cleaner is the ultimate storage slimming app for your iPhone/iPad. You can search for all duplicate & similar photos existing on your device. Simply scan and search your Gallery for all copies of duplicate photos you don’t need anymore.

    (5) iMyFone Umate Pro

    The 1-click cleanup mode allows you to clean up hidden garbage and deleted files that are still lurking on your iPhone, making your iPhone run fast, just like when it was brand new.


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