Tuesday, June 15, 2021

    Samsung Galaxy S7 always on screen

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    Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone control have an “always-on display” feature that would show you useful advice without having to wake the phone’s cover, according to a trademark from Samsung spotted by 9to5Google.

    It’s a feature on Google’s Android Wear smartwatches and Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch that lets you brief look at the watch to tell the time with an essentially black and white watch face without having to obsequies its screen.

    In turn, the smartwatch saves on battery because the net doesn’t need to light up and display colors. That might be the same holder with the Galaxy S7.

    We’ve also seen an akin feature on the Moto X 2014 and 2015 smartphones where necessary but useful information round notifications and alerts appear on the screen in black and white when your fist approaches the phone.

    It’s likely that the Galaxy S7 will have this article because it’s said to use an AMOLED screen, which grant the screen to light up only specific parts of the screen. (The iPhone can’t do this.) Anything on the screen with the color black lets the screen turn off, which means it doesn’t use up as much array. It’s much more power active than conventional LCD screens used by phones like the iPhone 6s, which have to light up the full screen even if they’re advertising the color black.

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