Google is one of the leading software companies, which is a dream work place for almost all the computer engineers.  Google is the most desirable employer on Earth.

There, engineers are the champions, who prove themselves to the level where even Google cannot deny them to enter this huge group. And so they are paid accordingly.

Interns initially get approximately $70,000 to $90,000 salaries, while software engineers drag in $118,000 and senior software engineers can pull upto an average of $152,985.

But one has to face a tough challenge from all around the world and does not simply walk into the Googleplex.

The company receives a bunch of more than 2.5 million job applications every year, but only about 4,000 people are filtered to pace in the Google world.

Fortunately for future Googlers, the Google in Education team has revealed a list of skills that they are looking forward in their employees.

“Having a solid foundation in Computer Science is important in being a successful Software Engineer,” the company says. “This guide is a suggested path for University students to develop their technical skills academically and non-academically through self-paced, hands-on learning.”

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Here are the skills Google wants its tech talent to master, complete with online resources to get you started:

Mastering the foundation : You have to be able to get through an introduction to CS course, like the ones from Udacityor Coursera.

Learn to code in at least one object-oriented programming language : Like C++, Java, or Python. ConsultMITor Udacity.

Learn other programming languages : Add Java Script, CSS, Ruby, and HTML to your skillset. W3school and CodeAcademy are there to help.

Test your code : As Google is expecting their employees to be able to catch bugs, create tests, and break your software. Udacity, once again.

Have somebackground inabstract math : Like logical reasoning and discrete math that many of computer science engineering draw on. MIT can help you with mathematics for computer science.

Understand algorithms and data structures : Google is willing to have candidates who are clear with the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms and have the basic knowledge of sorting and searching algorithms.

Get to know operating systems : Because one can be given any platform to work on and any atmosphere to showcase their skill sets. The University of California, Berkeley,provides a primer.

Become familiar with artificial intelligence : Google loves robots. They keep experimenting on the new ideas and come up with the wonderful creations every time. Stanfordhas the knowledge.

Learn how to build compilers : Stanford says that when you do that, “you will learn how a program written in a high-level language designed for humans is systematically translated into a program written in low-level assembly more suited to machines.” Coursera is the best for the learning.

Learn cryptography : As Cyber-security is really essential these days which helps to protect against the cyber crimes..Courseraand Udacity provide courses.

Learn parallel programming : Because being able to carry out tons of computations at the same time is extremely dominant.The University of Illinois can help you out.

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