Secret About Google Photos

Secret about Google Photos

You perhaps  know that Google Photos can backup Picture from your Android or iOS device and that you can access it from the web to see your library. You...

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Google Watch

Google publishes stock Calculator app to the Play Store w/ new Android Wear app

Google has been slowly moving many of its ordinary apps to be available on the Play Store, and today marks the day that the...
Lenovo 100S Chromebook

Best Chrome books for Programmer

While the Chromebook market might close be a very niche one, there a viable number of people that are looking for an economical, virus-free...

How to Use Google Drive offline

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Zika Virus

Google helps to fight Zika virus

Since past year, the Zika virus has to consume through South America and there are now cases of it developed up around the world. Google...

List of Android Secret Codes

Secret codes for Android mobile operating system. If you are unsure about any codes better not to execute it. Most of the codes are...