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Difference between iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9

There's one major, upsetting difference between Apple's two dominant tablets. Monday's advertisement of the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro with a higher-quality curtain and specific color...
How to Work With Text on iPhone

How to Work With Text on iPhone

Typing on a phone is seldom fun. Thankfully, iOS makes it a little simple with options to copy and paste, share text, look up...
quick ways to speed up a slow iPhone - I'm Programmer

Quick ways to speed up a slow iPhone

Clearing out Cache, Freeing up RAM To begin with, let's start with something simple and easy: clearing out app cache, reallocating memory reserves so that...
iphone under 300$

Apple officially introduces iPhone only for $399

Apple appear a new, small iPhone at its event this morning, and it’s properly called the iPhone SE. Turns out, the fool about this one...

Create a Folder with No Name on Your iPhone or iPad

When running your Home screens on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve apparently noticed that it will give the particular name as default to your...

The Best App Launcher For IPhone

The iPhone doesn't support app launched in the same way as OS X, but that doesn't mean app developers haven't come up with clever...
A shopper tries out the new Apple iPhone 6 at the Apple Store on the first day of sales of the new phon

How Summize conquered the App Store

Three teenagers conquered the App Store in 24 hours — here's how If you had confirmed the App Store's top paid chart in the US...

iPhone SE Review

Apple pulled off something amazing with the iPhone SE The new iPhone SE is essentially  the guts of the iPhone 6s stuffed into the body...