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    Tips to Master the Art of Writing PHP Code

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    PHP has become one of the most generally used languages among developers for developing web applications, such as Facebook, WordPress, and other popular resources.

    However, you might find coding in PHP challenging and a appall task, especially when you’re just a beginner. So, to save you from building mistakes when writing PHP code, I’ve listed some great tips that will help you task on PHP language a lot easier.


    Understand the Difference Between Comparison Operators

    Comparison operators are an awfully useful part of PHP. But let’s face it, some programmers fail to resolve the difference between analogy operators, such as ‘==’ and ‘===’. Remember that == is for equality and control whether the value on the left and right side are equal. On the other hand, === not only looks for whether the beliefs on both sides are equal, but also checks whether the fickle type is the same on both sides or not.


    Replace If/Else With Ternary Operators

    Rather than making use of an if/else statement, it would be superior if you use a ternary operator instead. Here’s a line of PHP code that explains ternary operator usage:


    This line of code is comparable to the following if/else statement:

    if else
    if else

    So, as you can see in the code above the three operator helps in making the code clutter-free and saves enough of space, by writing the same code using the if/else statement in a simple line.

    Use Relevant Variable Names

    This is the clearest step you should follow when writing PHP code, ensure using fickle names that add some value. Furthermore, include details about the data that those variably will store. Let’s assume, you need to use a variable as an integer. In that case, you must use a variable name with an “i” at the outset. In fact, this is a deciding factor you must consider when writing PHP code since we don’t lack specifying a type all among variable declaration in PHP.

    Note: Though you can choose to use a variable name in caps or small letters, it is recommended that you focus on capitalizing the first letter of your variable.

    Below is a list of some meaningful variable names:


    Use “str_replace()” Instead Of “ereg_replace()” and “preg_replace()”

    If you need to improve the efficiency of your PHP code to replace strings, consult using str_replace() instead of using functions, such as ereg_replace() and preg_replace(). In fact, according to an online report, “str_replace() is 61% more efficient compared to other regular expressions.”

    But, in case you are using formal expressions, then ereg_replace() and preg_replace() will work faster compared to str_replace().

    Add Comments Alongside Each Important Action

    Adding comments side-by-side to each crucial action will help you classify the need for any specific PHP code snippet, especially when you are conducting a large size project. In addition, mention helps make the code look elegant and easy to know to other programmers alive on the same project as you.


    Consistent Naming Convention

    Using logical naming meeting is treated good coding practice. Mostly, writing classes, objects, etc. always makes it easy for your team representative to work on your activity without much chagrin. Besides this, make clear that the files saved in the local record have an easy-to-understand brand name.

    Utilize a Framework

    And lastly, the best way to work on a PHP project is to make use of a PHP framework such as LaravelCakePHP, Yii, Symfony, CodeIgniter and many others. Using any one of this structure can help reduce the time in operating repetitive tasks when to advance a site or a web function. Moreover, less code power you can fix and test your made web solutions quickly.

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