1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT Open Courses Ware

MIT has opened all of its course content to web audiences, so anyone, anywhere can learn from one of the top American research institutions. MIT course ware has a number of courses related engineering and computer science. It provides all the free resources as exams, assignments, design and analysis algorithms and more.

2. Udacity

udacity - I'm Programmer
udacity – I’m Programmer


It provides a big number of online computer science, math, physics Salesforce, mobile development, web development, AI courses, etc and you can also create projects and received a verified completion certificate recognized by the industry.

3.Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla-Developer-Network- I'm Programmer
Mozilla-Developer-Network- I’m Programmer


The mozilla provides a developer network for programmers where they can learn new technologies and get a great collection of resources to get you started. This network helps you learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphics includes tutorials, reference guide, demos and developer’s guide. MDN is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit its pages with corrections and updates.

4.The CodePlayer

The-Code-Player - I'm Programmer
The-Code-Player – I’m Programmer


On The CodePlayer, watch interactive presentations that explain how people built things from scratch. Once you become a coding pro, you can add your own presentations to teach others what you know.

5. Codeacademy

coadacadamy- I'm Programmer
coadacadamy- I’m Programmer


Join the community of codecademy and You can choose from courses grouped into eight tracks: APIs, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, web fundamentals, or combine languages into projects.

6. Khan Academy

khan-academy- I am Programmer
khan-academy- I am Programmer


Khan Academy brings millions of students from around the world together to learn all sorts of digital skills, from coding to calculus to computer science theory. This means you can become an expert coder and an expert mathematician in the same place.

7. Learn Python the Hard Way

python- I am Programmer
python- I am Programmer


Learn Python the Hard Way offers free PDFs, though, if you want to take the video version of the course, you’ll need to fork up $29. What does learning the “Hard Way” mean? The number-one rule is that you can’t copy-paste; you must type out each of the lessons in order to teach your hands the language.

8. Talent Buddy

talent-buddy -I am Programmer
talent-buddy -I am Programmer


Talent Buddy provides a place for programmers where they can find the exercise of languages C, C#, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby and enjoyable interview oriented way.

9. Code Avengers

code-avengers - I am Programmer
code-avengers – I am Programmer


Code avengers have courses with code challenges of HTML, CSS, JavaScript to learn how to program games, apps and websites. This is a place where beginners can learn a lot and make awesome projects.

10. Coursera

coursera - I am Programmer
coursera – I am Programmer


Online education giant Coursera brings courses from dozens of top universities online, and lets anyone take them for free. Coursera classes are now available in five languages, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese, and are taught by professors from 62 universities.