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    Top 5 Web Design Trends of 2015

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    With technology forever evolving, design is constantly adjusting and new trends are always emerging. To stay competitive, businesses must adapt to new, improved trends or risk being left behind.Check out our 5 favorite web design trends of 2015 and the old design elements they’ve replaced:

    1. Simplicity replaced Complicated Designs

    In 2015, less is more. Web designers are removing non-essential design elements such as sophisticated layouts and background color. Flat designs have taken over allowing for a minimalist approach to web design.  Instead of flashy illustrations and animations which emulate aspects of real life, flat design features clean open space, crisp edges, bright colors and 2D/flat illustrations focusing on creating an intuitive clean user experience. Want to experience some great flat design? Check out the OgilvyOne Big Data site.


    2. Professional Custom Photography replaced Stock Photos

    Stock imagery has been put on the back burner in 2015 and has been replaced by custom photography; it still have a place in web design but is being used in less central design elements. Businesses are choosing to pay extra money to have unique imagery separating themselves from the competition.  Use of unique, high-quality imagery grabs the audience’s attention and helps tell the business’s story. Images of actual work spaces and employees are an extra bonus giving a personable effect to the website and creating an air of transparency. The photography on the J. Hornig website is so amazing that you don’t even have to know German to understand what they’re all about.


    3. Longer Scrolling replaced Clicking

    You’ve probably noticed that most new sites allow you to scroll for longer down the page.With mobile devices becoming more popular, long scrolling pages have become the favored way to display content. Rather than asking the audience to click to find information, scroll design offers a more intuitive and enjoyable web and mobile experience displaying content in a dynamic faster loading way. It is not only home pages which use scroll design in 2015, but also other pages on the site such as the about page  which allows the site administrator to display content in a more organized fashion. Brdr. Kruger makes great use of the long scroll on each of their pages making browsing their products almost as smooth and beautiful as the furniture they create. For an added bonus of fun, take a scroll through space on the NASA: Prospect site and discover the wonders of the long scroll design.

    4. Storytelling and Interaction replaced Text-Heavy Sites

    People love stories. And, in 2015 our love of storytelling has even reached web design. Having amazing content will always be very important for your website but now amazing content isn’t enough, your content needs to tell a story. With visual media becoming more important online, designers are moving away from text and towards the use of videos and images as their main content sources. With the combination of more responsive designs and increase of images and videos, websites are more interactive than ever. Interactive design adds another element to storytelling helping designers present content in ever more appealing way while also taking advantage of the minimalism of the scroll design. Want to see some amazing storytelling? Check out Guilt & Company, you won’t be disappointed.


    5. Large Typography replaced Regular Typography

    With the creation of interesting type becoming less expensive and designers experimenting with different ideas, there is no excuse for using boring typography. On top of using a unique font to help tell your story, the trend now is to have very large type. Large typography helps grab the audience’s attention as well as enhances the visual hierarchy of content on the page helping the audience to read the most important information first. Rally Interactive makes good use of all the above mentioned design trends, especially large typography to guide the user.


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