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    Top 9 3D Android Launchers

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    1. Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icon themes, colors, layouts, animations and Nova Launcher is a performance driven home launcher for Android devices running Android version 4.0 or higher. It’s quite similar to Android’s built-in launcher but offers many additional features such as themes, scroll effects, widget overlapping and placing widgets in your dock. The standard version is available for free. The $4.00 premium version includes gestures, unread counts and drawer groups.

    android Launchers

    2. Google Now Launcher

    The Google Now Launcher was originally seen on the Google Nexus 5 smartphone as a part of the Android 4.4 KitKat OS last year. The search giant had recently made it available to other Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running Android 4.4

    android Launchers

    3. Apex

    Apex Launcher is the second big Android 4.0+ launcher available. Both Apex and Nova launcher offer a great experience and include the same tweaks. Apex Launcher offers customization features like having up to 9 homescreens, gestures and themes. The basic version comes for free while the premium version is available on Google Play for $3.99

    android Launchers

    4. Buzz Launcher

    Buzz Launcher packs the standard set of customisation options, but the main advantage is a user-created library of thousands of themes and widgets you can browse and download. Whereas other launchers feel like masterpieces of efficiency trying to find you the app you want, with minimum hassle.

    android Launchers

    5. GO Launcher EX

    Go Launcher EX has been around for a while and claims to be the most popular home launcher around. With over 5,000 themes and a variety of widgets available in its own Go Store, it definitely offers many ways to enhance your Android experience. Key features include transition animations, a nice app management function and gesture controls.As the best home screen replacement, it offers you many first-ever features to customize your own homescreen experience.

    android Launchers

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    6. Scroll Launcher for beginners with older phones

    Scroll Launcher is the new launcher for your Android device. It is really made for slow devices.It is simple and intuitive home screen. This launcher is perfect for you because it’s simple to use and it’s totally written from a scratch and designed for low performance devices.

    android Launchers

    7. Lightning Launcher for Android experts

    Lightning is a fast, light and extremely customizable home screen replacement for Android.And it can also be used as the most flexible lock screen replacement ,Lightning Launcher eXtreme is the launcher of choice for people who wants a butter smooth, light on memory and tailor-made home screen replacement.This is the ultimate bundle, no compromise, simply the most powerful and configurable launcher for Android.

    android Launchers

    8. Aviate

    Aviate simplifies your Android to the maximum and comes with a clean design, an intelligent and adaptive user interface as well s a simplified navigation. Based on your context and preferences, Aviate knows what to display and what not at certain times and locations

    android Launchers

    9. EverythingMe Home Launcher

    EverythingMe is a Contextual Launcher that delivers what you need from your phone in just one tap. The launcher surfaces the apps, contacts and information you’d want based on your context: your location, the time of day, your individual preference, and more. All your apps and information will remain on your phone, they’ll just be neatly organized and easier to access.

    android Launchers

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