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    Top Reasons Why You Should Date a Programmer

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    Do you have a date coming up with someone who writes code for a living? If so, are you wondering what kind of things you should talk about to impress him or her? Should you talk about code or other geeky things? Do programmers even want to talk about programming on a date?

    Following are Top Reasons Why You Should Date a Programmer

    1. Programmers are crazy smart. They know their stuff inside out and are always learning new things. When they don’t know, they are keen to learn. They’ve adopted such a mentality since young and have thus amassed so much knowledge inside their brain, all ready to share with others.

    2. They appreciate their relationships and realize there won’t always be cake. (This is not a lie.)

    3. Programmers are problem solvers; if something is wrong, they’ll work to fix it.

    4. Computer science jobs are one of the highest paying ones in the world, in almost any part of the world. Your programmer date has a very high chance to beginning significantly well off, so you are assured of a posh place for dinner, AND you don’t have to worry about pulling out your purse. Ever.

    Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest, most successful and powerful technopreneurs in the world. He was a programmer who changed the world through the Facebook Social network. If a successful partner is what you’re looking for, most programmers would make the cut.

    5. Builds failing, code-breaking; a great sense of humor is something every programmer has to have.

    6. Looking for someone who’ll notice you? A good programmer is always paying attention to details.

    7. Your programming date has spent a lot of time building stuff for his users. This involves understanding the users and knowing what they want and what they don’t like. And because of this, he’s probably attained a very, very high level of empathy. He’s totally going to get why you sometimes behave all weird and will think twice before doing something that might affect you.

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    8. Programmers are generally happy with their career — meaning less stress at home for date a programmer!

    9. Mind games aren’t logical, so you won’t find programmers playing one with you. Unless, of course, it’s a video game.

    10. Programmers are thinkers and learners. They’ll enjoy having engaging, thoughtful conversations with you, and they’ll appreciate your perspective.

    11. If all these reasons don’t have you convinced, this last one definitely will. All of his human skills make him perfect boyfriend material and his rational will make him a mature, and sensible partner. But the defining factor of a programmer is that they’re committed. The most talented programmers don’t necessarily have the highest paying jobs. They choose the projects that touche them at an emotional level, and they work with them, while they could be making much, much more money. Once he’s committed to you, no pretty girl can lure him away from you. He’s yours, he’s a keeper.

    12. There’s never a NULL moment! Programmers are genuinely good people.

    13. They are a passionate bunch who would give all their time and effort to the thing that has captured their hearts.

    14. If a programmer can search for a semicolon through countless lines of code, it means they’ve mastered the art of patience.

    15. Programmers might be the shy type, but they’re supremely straightforward. So if they’re feeling something, they’re bound to tell you on the face. While it might not be what you always want, you can trust this man to be truthful to you.

    16. Computer not working? A programmer can probably figure out why, and then make it run faster!

    17. Programmers aren’t hard to find. They’re always on the Internet and waiting to meet you.

    18. Programmers are bound to have a long lasting relationship because he is experienced in handling differences, sending his codes for reviews, accepting his faults, most importantly never letting his ego affect his behavior. Because If you have ever gone through debugging, you would realize that even the most difficult relationship problems have trivial solutions.

    19. One reason why programmers are sweet and sensitive is that they know when and how to give in to their partners. When you have a bad day and just want to complain to someone about everything that goes wrong in life, they’re here to listen to you. And even if you happen to be blaming them for the cause of everything gone wrong, they’d give in than risk raising an argument, just to make you feel better.

    20. The programmer will understand your little quirks and preferences. Just like a customer might want an app to incorporate a specific design, you might wish for a certain behavior from your date at times. They won’t toss off your unique needs as stupid — they know everyone has their own requirements. And they’ll act carefully when making a decision that could affect you.

    21. Programmers know how to clean up. Garbage collection translates to cleaning their dishes, taking out the trash, not leaving clothes on the floor, and more.

    22. Programmers are great at communication. They’re happy to talk about life’s important matters.

    23. Programmers must be quick learners and pick up new languages, It’s no surprise that this gives programmers the ability to figure out and speak your love language with relative ease.

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