As a programmer, You can choose your career as Frontend or Backend developer in web development. Thus, I’ve done my research and compiled an “Ultimate Plan” for how I’m going to learn the skills necessary to become a developer and find a career in this field. I am going to be learning each of these concepts in the exact order that I have organized the courses. This list was originally going to be made for myself in a Google spreadsheet, however, I decided that it would be helpful for others to access as well. Oh, and all of these courses are completely free! Enjoy! 🙂

Before you start to follow below steps: Please see roadmap for web-developer

Step One: HTML/CSS

  1. Tuts+ 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS
  2. Udemy Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch
  3. Codecademy HTML/CSS/ Web Developer Skills: Make a WebsiteMake an Interactive Website
  4. Udemy Intro to Web Development: HTML
  5. Levelup Tuts Sass Tutorials
  6. HTML5 and CSS by FreeCodeCamp

Don’t finish learning with only HTML & CSS. You can learn basic of HTML5 and CSS3 which help you to clear interviews and work on real world projects.

Step Two: Javascript

  1. Khan Academy Intro to JS
  2. Codecademy Javascript
  3. Basics of Javascript by FreeCodeCamp
  4. Khan Academy Advanced JS: Games and Visualizations
  5. Programmr JS Exercises, Examples, Projects
  6. jsdares

Step Three: jQuery

  1. Tuts+ 30 Days to Learn jQuery
  2. Programmer jQuery Course
  3. Codecademy jQuery
  4. Tuts+ jQuery UI 101

Step Four: AngularJS

  1. W3schools AngularJS Tutorial
  2. Revolve Learn AngularJS in 30 Minutes
  3. Tuts+ Hands-On Angular
  4. Programmr AngularJS

Step Five: MySQL

  1. Udemy MySQL Database for Beginners
  2. Tutorialspoint MySQL

Step 6: ReactJS / Coffeescript (Optional, kinda…) 

  1. React Basics and Projects
  2. Levelup Tuts Coffeescript Tutorials

I’ll probably make another one of these for learning the LAMP stack and/or Node.js in the future, so those will most likely be very helpful as well.

Please feel free to comment if you know any good online free course. Bcz sharing is caring. 🙂 Happy Coding!

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