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    How to Use Google Drive offline

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    You can save files to your computer or phone

    How To Use Google Docs Even Without An Internet Connection. Services like Google Drive can be a life-saver if you mostly use more than one device for a task. Creating a file in Google Docs means it’s usable from any device, so long as you enter into your Google account.

    The disadvantage of using a cloud-based service like this, though, is that they’re again definite when you’re cemented without an Internet connection. But you can still prospect and edit files offline in Google Docs by ensuing a few quick steps. Remember that you need an Internet connection to exhaustive this initial setup process. Click here.

    Finding your offline files

    Once you’ve chosen the files you’d like to open in offline, you are able to find them within the Google Drive app for Android or iPhone by just clicking the menu button at the top of the displayed screen next to the “My Drive” header.

    Then select the field that says “Offline” to view any saved files for offline. If you’d like to see and work on offline files on a desktop or laptop computer, download the Google Drive app, which is accessible for Mac and Windows.

    Keep everything Share everything
    Keep everything Share everything

    Setting up offline mode

    If you’re using an Android phone, you can enable offline mode by opening the Google Drive or Docs app, pressing and holding a file you stored that you would same as to access offline, and tapping the symbol icon that looks like a checkmark. These are as same as Android Phone You may do the same on the iPhone by ejecting the app and tapping the “More” option next to the file you wish to access offline. That chosen  button looks three dots stacked on top of one another. Then tap the prime that says “Available offline.”

    If you are busy in the Google Chrome browser on your computer, you can choose to have all of your files synchronised and saved for offline use moderately than selecting them individually. Just make clear you’re signed into Google Chrome, open Google Drive, and click or tap the Settings icon, which looks like a cog. click on “Offline” option.

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