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    UX Tools Series Part 1: 22 Fantastic Free Wireframing Tools!

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    Conceptualization plays a crucial role in any design process. Designers use a variety of mediums to convey their ideas, example, story boards, mind maps, wireframes etc. For a UX Designer, wireframes are the backbone of their product. Not only does it help the designer to foresee the layout of the product, but it can also be used as a medium to convey the basic idea to the client.

    There are many wireframing tools available on the web. Here is a list of 25 fantastic yet free wireframing tools that would give more efficiency to your design conceptualization process.


    1.  Wires

    Wires lets you build online wireframes right in your browser. There are no fancy plugins here! This is wireframes for the web, built on the web.



    2. POP

    POP is an app available at Google Play, Apple store and the Windows store. It helps you to transfer your pen+paper ideas to a real working prototype. POP comes with a variety of plans ranging from $20 to $30 per month. However, there is a free plan for individuals with a limitation on the number of projects.



    3. Wireframe.cc

    Wireframe.cc is a minimal wireframing tool. This browser based tool allows you to create wireframes for websites and mobile apps for free. There is also a premium version with added features and plans ranging from $12 to $99 per month.



    4. Invision

    Invision is one of the most powerful free design prototyping tool on the web. It quickly transforms your designs into beautiful, fully interactive prototypes complete with gestures, transitions & animations for web, iOS & Android.



    5. Appery

    Appery is actually a cloud-based rapid development for building mobile apps. So, this is basically a complete package. It does have a drag and drop visual UI builder. It comes with pricing plans ranging from $25 to $180 per month. However, there is a free version with some limitations.



    6.  Pencil Project

    Pencil is a stand alone software built for the purpose of providing a free and open-source GUI prototyping tool that people can easily install and use to create mockups in popular desktop platforms.



    7. Concept.ly

    Concept.ly is another tool used to create fully interactive prototypes that look and work exactly like your app. It comes with a free (with limitations) and a $9.99 per month pricing plan.



    8.  MockFlow

    MockFlow WireframePro is a web-based tool to design and collaborate user interface blueprints for websites and apps. Its helps to visualize the website’s interface, navigation and structure in short time. It comes with pricing plans ranging from $14 to $29 per month. However, there is a free version with some limitations.



    9. iPlotz

    With iPlotz you can create clickable, navigable wireframes to create the experience of a real website or software application. You can also invite others to comment on the designs, and once ready, you can then manage the tasks for developers and designers to build the project. It comes with pricing plans. However, there is a free version with some limitations.



    10. Handcraft

    Handcraft is a free hosted prototype creation, sharing and tools for developers and designers who code.



    11. Creately Wireframes and Mockups



    12.  Frame Box

    Frame Box is a free lightweight tool for creating online mockups.



    13. Wirefly

    Wirefy was created as a tool to help web designers and developers create fast, manageable wireframes.



    14. Iphone Mockup

    As the name suggests, this tool creates mockups for iphone online.

    Iphone Mockup


    15. Savah

    Savah offers Design Collaboration and Code-Free Prototyping for Web & Mobile Apps.




    16.  Cacoo

    Cacoo is a user friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site map, flowchart, mind map, wire frame, UML diagram and network diagram. Cacoo can be used free of charge.



    17.  Gliffy

    Gliffy is a free online prototyping tool.


    18.  Jumpchart

    Jumpchart gets content, mockups, attachments, architecture and notes all in one place.


    19. Naview

    Naview helps you create easier navigations through prototyping and testing.


    20. Lucid chart

    Lucid chart makes it easy to sketch and share professional diagrams. From brainstorming to project management, it supports all of your
    communication needs. It comes with pricing plans ranging from $3.33 to $21 per month. However, there is a free version with some limitations.



    21. NinjaMock

    NinjaMock delivers all of the typical controls used in mobile apps and web designs. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Surface: it has all you need to start prototyping apps for your mobile device projects.  It comes with pricing plans ranging from $10 to $25 per month. However, there is a free version with some limitations.


    22. Visual Spec

    VisualSpec has a unique design and philosophy that effectively makes you 8X more productive. Instead of designing your modules piece by piece, you use smart specialized modules that predict your needs and automate details.



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