Sunday, October 17, 2021

    What’s that font? bookmarklet

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    What’s that font? bookmarklet that tells you the font used for any text on a webpage. To get started, drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

    Click on What’s that font? in your bookmarks bar, and then click on any text on the web page to find out its font.


    The bookmarklet has three limitations:

    • it does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or lower as these versions do not support the getComputedStyle function
    • when a piece of text has a list of alternative typefaces specified, the bookmarklet displays the name of the first typeface in the list; this may not be the typeface actually used
    • it can only determine the font for real text, and not for text embedded within images, videos, or other multimedia

    Download the source code

    Use the link below to download the full, commented version of the bookmarklet’s JavaScript code.

    File Size Description
    whats-that-font.js 1,118 bytes Full version, with comments

    Source by: code.stephenmorley

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