Which is the best Angular JS, React JS and Node JS ?
Which is the best Angular JS, React JS and Node JS ?

Here is little video display about the Javascript, ReactJS, and NodeJs.


The JavaScript war is at an all-time high. Developers across the JavaScript carve are debating on the best tool to use for Javascript applications. Pundits in this field are drumming support for their preferred between Angular JS, and React JS.

Angular Js

Angular Js was discharged for angular developers with the basic purpose of addressing single page play creation challenges.

Angular modular development

Building modular rich client-side applications that are together structured is now possible with Angular.  Modules are the device in separate Js files and are design in a separation of logic. They play a vital role of care the code organized. Examples of Angular Js modules incorporate controllers, applications, and services.


Why adopt Angular JS?

  • The Angular architecture confesses an easy and automatic data synchronization between the miniature view and the components.
  • Angular templates are affected just like the traditional plain HTML. Included extended HTML terminologies carry discipline on how to project the idea into view.

React Js

React JS provides high-performance client and server side rendering with a one-way flow for data binding. It is established on building renewable chunks of code which are peripheral more of a library, which makes it  quite easy to work with.

React  kind of gets out of the way of the builder design preferences; it doesn’t care whether the React app planner prefers Django or ASP.

Download Cheat sheet for React JS: Here – react-cheat-sheet  [Source: ihatetomatoes]

Benefits of adopting React Js

  • It keeps a virtual React DOM which anyway updates parts that have been returned or those that use to be updated.
  • React allows both client and server side rendering.
  • It provides a right for pure JavaScript template creation.
  • React JS factor are highly re-usable.
  • React comes with a small API. Beginners will find it simple to learn and start using it.

Node Js platform

Node is a Javascript runtime motorized by Google chrome V8 Javascript engine.  It can be described as Javascript that has been given the capability to run on the computer, instead of the browser, like normal Javascript. This is made available by the V8 JavaScript runtime engine.Based on a module planning, Node reduces the development of complex applications.


Benefits of Node Js platform

  • It allows the use of the same Javascript for both the front end and back end development.
  • Among many other objectives, Node Js grants users to accept network traffic, listen and reply to HTTP requests on the computer and access databases from the computer slightly.
Angular JsNode JsReact Js
Uses MVVC patternEvent driven architectureUses Controller View pattern
Designed for single page application developmentFor highly concurrent server-side designBest for building scalable network applications
Open source javascript framework.Run time environmentOpen source javascript library.
Used for front end tasksIt’s a Javascript run timeCan create a view in client side and server side.

The three are technically different tools, bound by their common dependence on Javascript.

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